Fashionista Finds – Ashkan Honarvar

Fashionista Finds – Ashkan Honarvar

My apologies (and thanks to Melissa for bringing my attention to) reposting virtually the same content twice in my last two posts (aside from pictures)… this is technically a repost, but I’m switching up the written word (lord knows how I didn’t realize working on the same text twice…).

Last week was a jump start for motivation.  I just started collaborating with Dress To Kill Magazine here in Montreal, working with their beauty editor on some upcoming spreads.  I cannot express the satisfaction I am getting from my work with them, one that differs completely from doing my own thing and my blog.  You may have noticed a slow down in my online publishing over the last year (be it twitter, blog posts, Facebook updates, tumblr feeds, and Pinterest pins).  I had come to a pivotal point where doing things for myself is no longer what it used to be.  I want a more traditional tie… a challenge, and something to really give my portfolio as a commercial writer some edge.  It has been a developing realization that I am in fact, a professional writer (academically prepared or not).  Such a loose description of what I do, but the focus and heart of my efforts in everything else I entertain nonetheless.

 I am beginning to prepare myself for the shift to NYC.  Being realistic, it will take me a few years to get there in the way I want… but I’m making steps in the right direction to make sure I get it done, and well.

 On another note, people are really pissing me off.  Usually something I reserve for rants in my private journal, the ignorance and assumption people place on the everyday is fighting it’s way under my skin.  Entitlement, expectation, laziness, and false promises are becoming more and more apparent while big talkers show no proof of pulling through as big action-takers/result-getters.  It is easy to fall into this hole… promise the world, then under deliver by a long shot.  I am far from scott free in this action, but I have come to a realization about it – it’s something I know that I do, that I am consistently trying to modify for the better and change.  It can be difficult not to get excited about projects and promise things at sometimes impossible speeds… my problem always lies within my enthusiasm for a project.  Another human element that I cannot see past is greed.  People constantly offering themselves out to me in ways presented to benefit me, only to serve distinct (and sole) advantages to them at my expense.  Others make fools of themselves publishing insignificant hate-laced remarks based off their own childish insecurities.  It seems as though many around me are showing their true colours (all of which were shades I’d never expected to see from their rainbow).  In any case these demonstrations are making me more resistant and savvy to these situations and personality types.  It’s also making me really appreciate those in my life who pull through absolutely every time.  It always amazes me how often we give away our opportunities, how often we take things and people for granted.  In any case, we all have our place in the world, are all at different places in our lives, and have all had varied experiences to shape and define us.  As much of a shock as we can sometimes be handed, we must also be compassionate to the way others do things.  Respect is acceptance despite the ideal differences.

 Currently swooning over these Ashkan Honarvar collage works… check out his other works for a mind trip.


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