Fashionista Finds – Boutique Rosalice

Fashionista Finds – Boutique Rosalice

A few months ago I received a gorgeous box of baby gear from a sweet little boutique located in Quebec called Rosalice.  A beautiful changing mat, toy and pacifier straps, green moccasin booties, a teether necklace, and some divine handmade baby bath goodies.  Spoiled!  So before I go on any further, may I extend a huge thank you to Alyson for sending them my way – each and every item has taught me a lesson thus far.

If I’ve learnt one thing about motherhood, it’s that enjoying the products and commodities used for and around baby is key.  How cool is it that I get as (if not more) excited about all natural diaper rash cream as I do about shoe shopping?  My point is that there is a huge pool of items out there marketed for you and your little one.  Most of the time hitting up a chain shop with cheap prices is the common route travelled.  But it is so much more fun to hand pick each and every item with love!  Besides, this stuff will be invading you and your baby’s environment on the daily – all the more reason for it to be functional, pretty, and safe.  And if you happen to be like me wanting a large family, these select buys will serve you well down the road when kiddy two, three, and four pop in.

The world has changed when it comes to kid stuff.  It’s actually really cool now.  Like really cool.  Hand curated shops like Rosalice are godsends when you’re more apt to organic, natural, and design-oriented alternatives.  So check them out (and while their site is under construction, raid their inventory for favourites like I did on their Facebook fanpage)!

boutique Rosalice

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Happy shopping selective mommas!


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