Fashionista Finds – DIY Makeup

Fashionista Finds – DIY Makeup

Happy Monday!

I’ve come to a place in my life where I now use Pinterest, Tumblr, and Etsy as my primary search engines (google who?).  From storing ideas and pictures for later, to using tutorials to learn new ways of improving my lifestyle (and get my craft on), these three platforms feed me everything (listen up marketers).  It’s only natural then, when faced with the daunting (and expensive) task of discovering a new concealer and powder foundation, I consult my little black books of online curation.  There’s something for everything now, so why not makeup?

While I love the Sephora experience, I’ve never been able to justify spending $50 on a compact that lasts a mere month (I wont even start with the prices some brands are scamming for concealers).  Luxury?  Screw it, I need practicality, effectiveness and buildable coverage… without breaking the bank.  As a blogger I’m gifted many products I’ll likely never get around to using (there are only so many things you can unload on your family and friends), so these next tips/tricks are refreshing ways of rediscovering what I already have (and want to upgrade)… enjoy!



  • Have baby powder and food colouring in your product stash?  Try this mix-only recipe for blush (you can even add in old or broken up powders to add more dimension to the colour).
  • More of a cream blush kinda gal?  This quick blend takes the makeup you already have/love and unites them as one perfect whole.
  • Sensitive skin reactions?  Make your own mineral blush with cornstarch and the pigment of your choice!
  • This how-to has me wanting to use hibiscus pigment in big ways…
  • I’m a big fan of the wet look when it comes to eyes.  I personally blame avant-guard editorials for my lust… here’s how to recreate without buying into the ever-creasing cream eyeshadow craze.







  • Foundation can be a bit of a sore subject for me since my skin tone is so light.  I also like more coverage on a whole – tricky when your skin is acne prone and oily.  The spices in this recipe will make sure you find the perfect tone, and even improve your complexion on a whole.
  • I’ve already tried this concealer trick and love it.  Grab a too-light medium foundation and dry it up into an entirely new product (this recipe doesn’t mention leaving it out to dry with cheesecloth over the jar for a few days – a great add if you like a thicker consistency).
  • Heavy workloads and long weeks robbing your skin of that well rested all natural glow?  Fake it till you make it!  I love that this bronzer is all held together by rosemary essential oils.
  • No longer a fan of that gold eyeshadow you bought last year?  Why not transform it into a luminous highlighter?


Don’t even get me started with bath concoctions (I could go on for days about the tonics I love creating straight out of the pantry)… Have a recipe I’m missing out on?  Please share below…

Have a great start to the week – stay fresh faced and strong!



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