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Fashionista Finds –

I’m not the kind of girl who generally raves or holds a rolodex listing of favourite boutiques – call it practicality or indifference, but I find myself to be more of one who understands which cuts and styles she can pull off (which colours are flattering in light of which mood, hair colour and lipstick she decides to sport that day).  More than concept stores, I understand brands.  I realize which ones hold the same mentality as I, which ones suit my lifestyle, and most importantly which ones hold both the quality and bold but practical approach that initially lures me in (in case you ever wondered why I’m such a DVF fanatic).  One of the biggest shopping dilemmas I regularly encounter is being able to find more than one specific thing I like in the same place.  Hopping around town can be exhausting (not to mention very limiting in a conservative fashion arena like Montreal), and like many – I’ve turned to online shopping for many of my designer deals and rarer finds.  If you think I’m the kind of gal who pays full price for her designer duds, you are wrongly mistaken – I pride myself in the art of the deal (with the exception of certain pieces I know would never reach the discount racks – the ones I deem “investments”).

While I am equally a sucker for amazing customer service, beautifully gift wrapped bags, and developing relationships with the people at the stores I like to shop at (call me old fashioned), if I’m not excited about the pricey merchandise in stock, it may all just as well be useless.  When Farfetch asked me to check out their little slice of online luxury designer clothing from around the world, of course my curiosity was piqued.  Unlike most “themed” shops carried online (via price range or style specifics), the concept behind Farfetch was creating an easy meeting place for some of the worlds most interesting, renowned and groundbreaking boutiques.  Putting it out there a little more simplistically, as the shopper, you are choosing items from around the world of various genres, influences and price ranges (sales according to the shops they are sold in with one checkout for you – no multiple shipping ickiness).  From specifics like some incredible original vintage fashion groundbreakers (I’m talking clothing from the collections that helped shape certain designers entire careers), to emerging and offbeat options for the fashion forward extremists – this site really lets you choose from it all (how I wish the vintage Christian Dior double breasted cream suit dress was in my size – especially for that price!).  Of course if you are more into the sparkly, shiny and new, there is an array of incredible designers to choose from – Lanvin, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, Chloe, Christopher Kane, Isabel Marant, DSquared2, Gareth Pugh, Givenchy (I’m running out of breath… I think you get my point though right?)… and those are just the talent in the luxe category (check out their lab and contemporary tabs for your fave established up-and-comers like Addidas Originals by Jeremy Scott and Agent Provocateur for Linda Farrow).  Above an amazing place to find glorious additions to your wardrobe, it is an education in fashion in itself (and a great alternative to window shopping on rainy days).  Of course I couldn’t help but share a few of my favourite finds with you (if only I had the expendable budget at the moment!)…

 Albeit this being a sponsored post (something I hope you always know I choose to be upfront about), through cruising the site (and falling a bit hopelessly in love with it), I’ve added it to my Links I Love page (which I’ve updated recently if you haven’t already swung by to check it out).  From blogs to my favourite shops and motivation/inspiration sites, I’m sure you’ll find a treasure you’ll consistently enjoy in there somewhere.

Happy shopping (and start to the week darlings)!


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