Fashionista Finds – Saatchi Art

Fashionista Finds – Saatchi Art

If you follow my instagram account, you’ll know that the man and I are big art buffs.  Ever getting carried away in documentaries showcasing the talents and eccentricities of the masters (Bacon, Basquiat, Warhol, Rothko, Soulages, Pollock… you name it, we’ve seen it), it’s no wonder we approach our own ever-expanding collection with the same fixation.  At home, our oils consist of my grandmother and grandfather’s works, a Jon Todd splurge (my first-ever art purchase), and some vintage works that captured our hearts mid thrift.  The man also tends to go on painting splurges, and we have a few of his creations mounted around the house (I love seeing what he comes up with every time).


Filling your living space with art you love brings incredible life and personality to each and every room.  The question is, where to buy art online?  I just discovered Saatchi, a marketplace/talent showcase where known and unknown artists post their portfolios for sale (you can also buy limited prints of their works).  Jonathan Merrifield‘s blurred movement pieces (to whom I credit all visuals in this post to) immediately caught my eye.  I’d love to own his “The Limit” canvas (below), but alas, it’s sold!  If you’re a fan of contemporary art, take a gander – the listings are beautifully impressive (and surprisingly affordable in most cases).



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