Festival Mode & Design Refocus

Festival Mode & Design Refocus

The lack of posting lately has been a direct result of not knowing how to see the “bigger picture” of my life.

We so often say yes to exciting opportunities before really thinking what it will mean in respect to our time and energy (and if they are in fact worth anything when all is said and done).  With the “can do” attitude that the real world has equipped us with, it’s easy to stretch days, ignore responsibility, and continue the plundered path of overwhelming tasks.  That is just what they are too – mere tasks, motions, and meaningless steps in no direction, inevitably getting you nowhere.  They drain your energy, take away your quality of life, and eat up your precious time.  Sometimes they bring you money, but most times they just leave you empty, unsatisfied, and down.  These acts can be anything from accepting a side job for extra income (or even a full time one that doesn’t align with your interests), attending parties you should be at (but don’t particularly want to be) – even catching up with old friends that don’t really hold a place in your life anymore.  They are all technically “nice” things to do (sometimes even necessary), but at the end of the day only bring you away from what you really want to be doing.  Please note that everything I say always excludes family (whoever yours may be).  They are the only ones allowed to drive you crazy and force you into the occasional gathering.

Being self employed, it is an absolute luxury to be able to make my own schedule.  I have often bent my workday to include the things most people never have the option of even considering.  The downside of this, is that sometimes you can run yourself dry trying to accommodate everything around you.  It’s these same accommodations that take away from that dream internship you’ve lusted after, collaborations that will boost your portfolio, fulfilling career pursuits, those yoga classes you’ve worked so hard to keep consistent, eating properly, and flat out spending time with the people you love.  These “fillers” as I like to call them, actually only take away from our lives and hold us back from what we’re really after.  While the sacrifice of keeping these extras out of your life can be risky and extreme in some senses, many of the most powerful and influential people have succeeded because of their persistence when it comes to staying off the beaten path.  They don’t humour or accept the norms placed out in front of them.  They don’t say yes to every invitation, every idea.  They weigh, and they balance.  They understand that achieving the perfect balance has a lot to do with being obnoxiously selective.

It’s been a tough transition to go from all-round people pleaser passivity, to such dramatic cuts in the way I do things, but I’ve got to say – it’s paying off.  Not only are my goals redirected, but they have accepted reality and what will truly manifest them (daydreaming is great, but actions make those drifted thoughts come to life).  I don’t think I have ever been healthier, or happier (without a trace of ignorance or  false reality).  I’ve had time to put more efforts into the relationships I have, dedicate my time to things I know will help me in experience and skill, and am thoroughly enjoying downtime with me, myself, and I (who doesn’t love a good book, journal entry, or bubble bath)?  I admit to also having been applying to local full time editorial Montreal jobs as well (it’s high time to soak in the experience and develop my portfolio in varying ways).  Privacy and the element of surprise are also huge considerations in the way I now do things.  Only those who merit knowing of my intimate affairs (and even casual at times), will.  It’s nice to not think so highly of yourself (in the sense of constant publication).  It’s refreshing when one can put their ego’s aside, understand that the world won’t stop without their twitter/facebook updates, and really just immerse themselves in the pleasure of being.  There are so many sacred little thrills in life, why not keep a few all to yourself?

 Don’t you love the Bollywood beauty for this FMDM show?  Can’t get enough!


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