Fresh Ink Art & Dress To Kill Magazine Beauty Spreads

Fresh Ink Art & Dress To Kill Magazine Beauty Spreads

So I know I said I’d wait until the english version came out to post them all at once, but I just can’t seem to extend myself that long.  I’m working on putting up an extra upper right hand side tab at the top of my blog for magazine/writing work and art, so hold up as I start to add and snowball my professional progression!  Waiting for pieces to publish are like waiting for the cotton candy girl to spin your cone… mouth watering.

The steps involved in putting together these spreads was addictive for me.  Testing and playing with the products, taking note of properties I loved about specific formulas, weeding out the non-performing ones… I realized the credibility and care that can be put into each word, each review.  Beauty and fashion editors alike have so much power to really inform their reader base about what they will be potentially buying.  I fell in love with beauty editor Eva Bilinska’s mentale while talking to her in the Dress To Kill Studio.  Such attention payed to details most would overlook (aka false advertising on product labels – beauty detective work always being done!).  I gained so much respect for both her outlook and work ethic for her section of the magazine (not to mention her appreciation for all natural alternatives to celebrated favourites).  So much love and natural passion poured into each page.  I’d like to think I did the same – aiding with the creation of visuals, topics, and standout products that simply couldn’t be left out (let me know your feedback on products/shades chosen).  Every day is like Christmas at the beauty studio, packages coming in with goodies from every which way.  Can’t wait to get started and really dive into helping with the making of the next issue – this venture/side project is something I’m undyingly excited and eager about.

On another note, I’ve been paying visits to dreamland with my fountain pen in hand.  I’m liking this little routine of coming home after a good workout at night and mellowing out with classic rock love songs serenading me in the background while my hands take initiative to drag the pen across the paper in repetitive motions.  I fell across the new publication of Rookie yearbook about two weeks ago (published in the 514 btw…), and have become increasingly inspired by the topics each of the well written articles explore (not to mention the all original artwork that accompanies them).  So cool to have so much individuality and contrast in each masterpiece sent out.  Tavi and team are truly doing an amazing job.

I have been seriously craving a day of dress up and mani/pedi’s.  It’s been a while with the new workout schedule… I’ve been paying less and less attention to myself in the fashion sense, looking more and more like something cross between a trucker and a little sports fan man (if you spot a shady character with a Boston Bruins hat on, tag – you’re it).  Add the intense breakout session happening on my face with my cleanse, and you’ve got total seductive attraction (of course this is when I bump into people I know and work with on the street… bare faced and dressed in my boyfriends clothing…).  Maybe I’m the only person who gets embarrassed in these situations, but I’ve realized you can’t hide.  Just smile, be polite, and refrain from trying to run the other way.  Hard.  Impossible maybe, but essential if you want to avoid the after apology of being a total weirdo (and dressing the part on top of it all).  Who knows, it could be exactly what I need.  Throw away the security blanket that is my makeup, clothing, and self comforts.  Let it all hang out.  Let everyone see and be okay with it until I get in the same line.  Instinctual freakout withdrawal will be a work in progress on my part… gotta shake this ingrained 50’s housewife mentality from my mind.

Stay tuned for the next few posts – while at NYFW I took a lot of pictures with an old school film camera – the aftermath (of which could have gone two very extremely different ways) is absolutely magical.  There is something about traditional film that really freezes moments in time and gives them a legendary stance.  Everyone looks iconic.  Everyone looks larger than life.  Forevermore my go-to tool for detail shots and a more expressive option to the digital.  I like the patience and hit or miss quality about capturing frames with it.  So much meatier.


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