Getting Honest – A Few Spring Faves

Getting Honest – A Few Spring Faves

This week has been my little family’s first official few days together functioning just us three.

It has been a beautiful whirlwind of a month, with family and friends so generously offering their time, efforts, and never-ending kindness/gifts to ensure our effortless return to normalcy and routine (and oh how we couldn’t have done it all without them!).  While the love we’ve been constantly receiving is refreshing and humbling, it’s been wonderful escaping into the simplicity of just us three over the last few days.  Grocery store runs are now the mark of my day, taking it slow and getting the “musts” done while little man sleeps.  There is something so completely enjoyable about hiding out at home with the warmest of snuggle bugs.  Babies seriously bring nesting/hibernation to the next level.  Amidst my babyland absorption, is an ever-increasing obsession with the Honest Company.  Organic, toxic-free, and newborn safe, their eco-sustainable products have entered my household and taken over – ever so stylishly.

While I’m yearning to place an order for a few of their household essentials, baby boy has been loving the diaper bundles we’ve been receiving.  No diaper rash, few leaks, and the cutest prints for your changing pleasure (with wipes gentle enough to not cause irritation on that super sensitive skin).  Behold my wish list for some spring cleaning/resting faves (description heavy – you’ve been warned!)…

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.47.38 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.47.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.46.56 PM

  1. Comic Book Diaper Print 
    • Plant-based (PLA) inner & outer layers — gentle on your baby’s bottom
    • Sustainably harvested pulp – NO chlorine processing or harsh chemical bleaches
    • Natural citrus & chlorophyll odor-inhibitors
    • Bio-based wheat/corn blend in super-absorbent core — less sodium polyacrylate
  2. Oxy Boost 
    • Natural 4-in-1 Action: water softener, stain remover, whitener & deodorizer
    • Keeps your whites naturally white and colors bright — free of harmful chlorine, dyes, fragrances, or phosphates
    • Effective for organic stains like food, juice, spit-up, grease, dirt, coffee/tea, eggs, diaper waste, and many of life’s unexpected messes
    • Incredible Multi-use:
      • as a laundry pre-spotter/pre-soak,
      • spot cleaner on carpets, upholstery and fabrics/clothing,
      • deodorizer & all-purpose cleaner for trash cans, diaper pails, ice chests, or even mold and mildew stains in the bathroom
  3. Stain Remover 
    • Especially effective at removing organic stains like baby food, coffee, tea, berry juices, grass, jelly, chocolate, ketchup, marinara, and blood (ouchie!)
    • NO harsh bleach, vapors, questionable residues, or worries
    • Biodegradable / Non-Toxic / Septic + Graywater Safe
    • Color-safe & Skin-safe / Effective in All Temperatures
  4. Organic Nipple Balm 
    • Calendula infused oil helps regenerate skin tissue & naturally heal
    • Olive oil deeply hydrates & soothes skin
    • Shea butter, tamanu & aloe keep nipples soft, supple & resilient 
    • Only the highest quality, food-grade ingredients – no need to wipe off before nursing 
  5. Healing Balm 
    • Organic sunflower, olive & coconut oils work with enriching shea butter to nourish, moisturize & help protect sensitive & irritated skin.
    • Tamanu oil helps ease inflammation, promote healing, and restore & balance skin.
    • Chamomile & calendula gently calm & soothe.
    • Beeswax battles existing diaper rash and prevents future cases by creating a protective barrier against urine.
  6. Toothpaste 
    • Calcium helps protect & strengthen tooth enamel
    • Baking soda & natural silica gently polish & brighten teeth
    • Organic aloe, organic ginger, and bisabolol help soothe oral & gum irritation
    • Added green tea offers powerful antioxidants
    • Absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes
    • Extra natural peppermint for a great tasting, refreshing sensation
  7. Organic Breathe Easy Rub 
    • Pure & simple – organic aromatherapy oils help to soothe & calm with organic lavender & rosemary oils
    • Supports clear breathing with organic eucalyptus & tea tree oils
  8. Suds Up Bamboo Scrubber Brush and Ceramic Soap Dish 
    • Renewable bamboo brush handle is free of varnishes, stains & VOCs. Brush handle is coated with 100% vegetable oils to seal & protect.
    • Fully recycled plastic spring platform makes instant suds for easy soap dispensing
    • Plant-based brush bristles (reinforced with 100% recycled plastic for ultra durability) need less soap to get the job done!
  9. Anchors and Stripes Diaper Print
  10. Scrubber Sponge 
    • Clean tough messes without scratching — scrubbing fibers made with walnut shells & recycled plastic
    • Unlike other sponges made with petroleum foam,  Scrubber Sponge is made of cellulose that is derived from renewable wood pulp
    • Plant-based sponge = better absorbing & wiping (than foam sponges)
  11. 100% Organic Cotton Dish Towels
  12. Organic Body Oil
    • Sustainably grown & certified organic jojoba, tamanu, olive, avocado, & sunflower oils nourish & moisturize
    • Organic chamomile & calendula help gently calm & soothe skin
  13. Fruit & Veggie Wash 
    • 100% non-toxic, plant-based formula safely and effectively removes unwanted:No taste or odor left behind
      • toxic pesticide & chemical residues,
      • pathogens, waxes, dirt, handling oils & bacteria surface contaminants (found on both conventional & organically grown produce)
    • Significantly more effective than cleaning with water alone
    • Inhibits browning & helps food last up to 200% longer
  14. Bicycles Diaper Print
  15. Giraffes Diaper Print

Cheers to your newest addiction!


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