Dream Focus & 514 Faves

Dream Focus & 514 Faves

Working at night has always been my preference.  Not only do I love savouring the day with tasks and errands in the sunlight (I always feel like I’m missing out if I’m cooped up inside when it’s beautiful out), but my mind seems to switch on effortlessly and mechanically after 7pm, resulting in great productivity long into the wee hours of the night.  With my new lifestyle (eating clean), I don’t feel weighed down by fatigue the way I used to (and it will only keep on getting better).  I can stay up sixteen hours and feel light when I go to bed (not drunk from lack of sleep).  What I love most about my late-night tendencies?  Zero interruptions.  No ongoing email craziness, no facebook triggers… the world – momentarily stopped.  I always like to think of it as being a step ahead of the early risers when it comes to correspondences.

I was always made to feel bad about my erratic schedule.  Scrutinized for tiring myself out, for not being an “active” part of society.  I tried to conform to the 9am to 5pm mentale and routine, but as a result really didn’t get much done.  It just never felt natural with my body.  Now I know I will not be able to operate like this forever (especially when I one day have my own family, or go in to work amongst others), but for the moment the beauty of a makeshift schedule is allowing it to cater to you where you deem it fit.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d get anything done if this “work freedom” was taken away from me.  As a creative, it’s always a temperamental concern – to lose your drive, inspiration and momentum.  Blocks seem to happen too easily, and when writing or art production is the primary factor to your financial progress – overcoming these delays are essential (and with increased speed as your experience grows).  This applies in any field… enabling and armouring yourself to effortlessly defeat distractions and wrong turns.  So many people hold so many dreams that never end up manifesting (New York and L.A. are perfect hosts to these individual tragedies).  So how do you avoid becoming one of these “settlers” of life?  Staying on track becomes harder and harder every day – it seems that every moment of our days have become accounted for (or end up falling victim to time-fillers like twitter).  How do you ensure you won’t one day wake up at fifty, and wonder how you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing you set out to?

There are so many factors that influence our direction, and unless you are an indifferent mesh mind that lets everything it comes across flow right through, you’re susceptible to outer pulls.  As a mindset that constantly needs to be maintained, here are my personal pointers to refresh or face the many forks in the road…

Beware the company you keep.

 I have seen it over and over again, experienced it myself, and know many who had to retract from friends to regain balance in their lives.  The sad truth, is that rarely is a friend a real friend.  It seems that the ones whose loyalty you’d expect, more often than not are the ones who slip away when you really need them.  Others will adore you until you surpass their comfort zones in the quest for your own growth.  Guilt-tripping, pressure, and accusations are normal when it comes to withdrawal – get used to it, and don’t take it personally.  Wether you weed them out now, or find out what they’re made of on your way up – don’t let it distract you from your goal (and always, always remain a good friend in the process).  The ones that help you with the load on the way up (instead of making it heavier) are the ones who won’t use you once you’ve become what you’ve set out to be.  I personally never really understood the fascination people have with wanting to be accepted by a specific set of others (how could their collective opinion ever outweigh your own?).  When you find someone who is truly loyal to you and your personality/success, honour them – they are diamonds in the rough.

Less play, more work.


It’s so easy to toss responsibility out the door for the flavour savour of the moment (be it lunch out with the girls, a movie night with your main squeeze, or a full out party hardy session with the next morning hangover to prove it).  While I will always encourage letting off steam in the variations of your choice (to a limit of course), monitor how often you do it.  Fun is fun, but honestly, it’s much more exciting when actually deserved.  I’m guilty of being the kind of person who rewards herself for absolutely no reason at all (something I’m actually proud of – who the hell needs a valid reason anyways!?).  The thing is, it’s all too easy to get carried off and away, and that’s when your work inevitably suffers.  Workaholic may be the word I’m looking for to describe getting something big out of your effort/time investments… something about the title I dislike though.  It insinuates throwing lifestyle to the wind, while confining yourself to a solitary prison of productivity and cultural blinders.  It shouldn’t mean ignoring your overall development and happiness.  It should mean focus, aim, and achievement.  Start weighing how worth it your other commitments are before committing to them – what are you really getting out of everything you’re putting your limited time into?


Approach others with something to offer.


If you cannot be used, you are essentially useless.  I can always tell when someone is talking to another in hopes of making a great contact.  The truth of the matter is, dishing out small talk and smiles means zero when it comes to leaving a lasting mark.  While it’s invaluable to have talented people around you with something to offer, you need to be one in return (why else would they want to actively include you in their inner circle over another?).  You should never approach others with the greed of what they can do for you.  Instead, start thinking of what attributes you possess that they could use.  Not only do people appreciate the initiative to help, but if they allow you to collaborate, they will witness first hand everything you have to offer.  There is no better tagline or referral than experience!


(Mackage jacket, Parasuco jeans, Gap leather bag, Mia Limited Edition leather knee high boots)


Gather a team.


I just watched Man On A Wire, and if that wasn’t proof enough that every visionary needs a support system, I don’t know what is.  When you find people who want to be a part of making your dream come true, nothing can stop you.  I have been so blessed to be surrounded by people who really believe in me and where I want to one day be.  My dream has always included their own success as a result of mine.  The biggest fault one can make is not appreciating or giving credit to the group that got you there.  Two is better than one, five better than four.  Numbers don’t mean more power, just a wider assortment of talent covered from every angle.  More talent, better end outcome.  The cherry on top?  Always having someone there to pump you up on those days you feel like throwing it all away.


When you feel like giving up, work harder.


I know this seems like the last thing you’d instinctually do when frustration hits the fan, but usually that exact point where you’re about to break is the three quarter mark to a revelation or reward of some sort.  Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and at the end of the day, it’s all about longevity.  If something isn’t working, figure it out, redirect, and get back on the bicycle.  Never stop cycling.

Always look at the bigger picture.


Often we are creatures of instant gratification, and fail to clearly view the long term effects of our potential and ideas.  Little decisions can make up an entire image and how an outsider sees a brand.  How you conduct yourself can build you a reputation that determines which clients you’ll land.  Conduct yourself the same way your best self would.  Who knows if one day your ideas or perspective change the world (or lives).  Create something worthy of being remembered, better yet – timeless.


Keep records as reminders.

It’s easy to forget your initial goals – so document them!  Even though you should never be embarrassed, if you feel the need to hide your “unrealistic” ambition (which doesn’t exist by the way), jot down your wildest dreams in a notebook, on a piece of paper you keep under your mattress, in your phones notepad app, in an e-mail to yourself… it will provide you with a go-to reference for where you stand and if you’re getting closer to your target.  Be specific with what you want (I’m telling you, the universe listens), cause when you get it, the lift in your walk will bleed into your every endeavor!  Plant seeds of what you want all around you – it will keep your focus sharp.

Stop settling.

I think most people set goals (eg. run a marathon), and end up settling for the shortcut version of what they originally envisioned (a.k.a. weekend five mile jog with a social running group).  Don’t allow yourself to become that comfortable.  You can thank me later when you cross that finish line.

Patience is not only a virtue – it’s a necessity.

Nothing happens overnight (sadly).  Even Justin Bieber had ten years experience on him by the time he landed his record contract.  Isn’t that something of a relief though?  It weeds out the people who aren’t meant to be there, and rewards those deserving of the world’s attention in their field.  When you feel like nothing is progressing, work on yourself and come back to the table.  Every positive effort you put into your craft will be rewarded in due time.

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This hearty concoction magically tastes even better than it looks.  Pea soup with dill and chorizo sausage at Olive & Gourmando <3.



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