Hip & Bone Photoshoot

Hip & Bone Photoshoot

Fellow Montrealers (and world on a whole)… let me officially introduce you to fashion’s next big thing…

Hip & Bone.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re totally thinking… isn’t it RAG & Bone… and why are they ripping their style anyway?

They’re not.  Get over it.

Hip & Bone is Montreal based, created and inspired.  Not only do they have amazing graphic t’s that make the ultimate statement, but they subliminally and  subtly name drop some of the world’s craziest conspiracy theories (or are they) that ever existed.  At first glance, the logo’s and writing on the back of each detailed shirt just look like smart branding… but when you actually take the time to research the information found on every item you will realize that each graphic holds a very specific and haunting meaning.

The brand showcases twisted events like MK-ULTRA (a mind control government human testing program that actually took place during the 50’s and 60’s), Bilderberg (a mysterious conference that takes place once a year including some of the world’s most politically influential representatives… where no votes are taken, statements made or resolutions proposed) and HAARP (a government based program set to research sound waves and frequencies that some believe to have caused everything from devastating earthquakes to Gulf War and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

This is some creepy cool X-files shit right here!

In any case, I was honored to be asked to shoot their catalogue for them (one of the founders happens to be my neighbor – I swear I live in the coolest building of life) and the F514 crew and theirs combined to bring some very fresh photo’s that we’re all quite proud of!

Props to Matthew (who also doubled as a hottie model), Vlad and my buddy Robby for the amazing photography, to the models for being their stellar selves and to Carlos & co. for creating such a crazy/cool line I can’t wait to see on international shelves!  Representin’ for Annabelle, I did hair and makeup on our fresh-faced dudes using the SkinTrue collection and Mineral Powder Foundation (my personal faves for a coveted full-coverage glow).

Oh, and a funny tidbit you can make fun of me for later?

Amongst all the controversy and theories (and anti-media base in some senses), I proudly rocked my Justin Bieber t-shirt all shoot long :).

This little manifesto can be found on their site (which is equally impressive as far as amazing graphic art goes) which I totally love.

What a great extended motto to attach yourself to.

Love what they stand for but want more of what the brand is about?  When you buy any item of clothing from their collection you receive an little black embossed envelope with a password to their private and exclusive blog (which is as great as it is marvelously random).

Currently exclusively available online and soon to be sold in some of the world’s finest shops.

Regardless of it being a menswear line, I am all about rocking the tee I have from the shoot (the foxes and heart graphic – check it out… works well on women for a funny booby effect).

Well I’d say it was damn time for some awareness Mtl…


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