Holiday Love & Gifts From Grandma

Holiday Love & Gifts From Grandma

It’s early afternoon and I’m still in my pyjamas.  I can safely say I’m living the life (don’t you love the holidays?).

Yesterday I had my mom, grandfather, and brother over for Christmas dinner.  It’s tradition to spend Christmas Eve with my dad every year, and a new holiday custom to head to Toronto to take the week to hang out with the man’s mom (and enjoy a laid back New Year’s Eve’s).  While I won’t get to celebrate with my extended family on my moms side this year, I’m most definitely looking forward to long walks, coffee outings, time with friends, and Wholefoods/Planet Organic romps in a different city.  I love Toronto, and there’s nothing better than getting to sleep in every day with my cuddle partner, eat incredible homemade food, indulge in some boxing day shopping, and enjoy some good old fashioned knitting/tube time.


I’m still on a bit of a wrapping binge while I take on small home projects (cleaning, laundry, and packing both our Toronto suitcase as well as starting on my hospital bag). I’m loving the slower at-home pace, the additional rest, the time with Ms. Piccus, and the ongoing organization.  Wednesday morning, bright and early we’ll be taking the train and settling in for the week.  Is it wrong that I can’t wait for my gluten-free meal choice on board (I’m easily pleased these days)?  The next few days will pass by in a sleepy, beautiful haze of ease and relaxation.


My mom got baby boy these hand-knit sweaters, bonnet, and slippers.  They remind me so much of my grandmother and the traditions she used to pass on and live every day.  There is so much of her everywhere in my family (from my grandfather’s homemade tuque, to blankets and canvases that can be found in every family members home space).  While of course we miss her dearly every day, it is so beautiful to see objects that reflect her efforts, spirit, and iron will all around.  It’s amazing and honouring to see preservation and loyalty live on through everyone that individual influenced during their lifetime (inspired immortality if you ask me).  While she may not be able to physically join us anymore, I’m more than sure her presence and spirit are embedded throughout (and what, given the circumstances, could be more comforting than that)?


That all being said, this next week I will be decompressing and completely distancing myself from the computer, work, and other such regularities.  I will on the other hand be getting snap happy with my new camera, and most likely instagramming like crazy.  Check back in for a few scheduled posts, but please understand the irregularity coming your way – I promise what I have planned for the new year will more than make up for the discrepancies to come!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve (the most magical of days)!


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