Insta Recap – Holiday Hibernation

Insta Recap – Holiday Hibernation

Some weeks welcomely fly by like magic – with the quick approach of the holidays, there is nothing I want more than to enjoy some well deserved time off.  A beach would be a nice add in there too, but with so much to plan, prep, and save for, we’ll see how quickly we can make that out-of-town vacay happen.  In the meantime it’s all about seasonal delights: pannetone, all things glitter, rich reds, enchanting white lights, wrapping, home-cooked comfort meals, window shopping, and cuddling up somewhere warm with a hot beverage (or eggnog!).

This afternoon at work we will be getting into the holiday spirit with drinks, games, and a little secret Santa exchange.  Tomorrow will be another pre-Xmas celebration when family gets together to celebrate my big bro’s birthday.  A beautiful dinner, delicious food, and the best company – can’t wait.



Baby update – It’s easy to get a little carried away with paranoia when pregnancy and birth horror stories can be found (and are often highlighted) around the web.  Little man seems to be gravitating lower in my belly and the sensations I feel when he kicks are now much more subtle.  If I’m totally honest, it worries me that I don’t feel as much motion and power in each of his movements anymore because of his newfound placement.  I have to really sit still and focus on them now.  Looking forward to this coming weeks doctor’s appointment for some reassurance and insight from my obstetrician.

Next week I’ll be celebrating my seven month mark at a formal Christmas gala (still working out how I’ll fit into a gown), and January will bring with it a serene maternity shoot (as well as a sweet baby shower).  Really looking forward to my third trimester and everything that comes alongside it.  Stay tuned for maternity outfit posts and Q&A’s with alternative natural practitioners on the subject of birth and pregnancy health (I’m pretty excited about these posts-to-be).  While I can’t believe I’m already two months away from meeting my sweet baby boy, time still seems too slow.  Trying to sit back and enjoy spoiling myself now before a whole new lifestyle ensues.  My man has been incredible throughout this journey – providing every comfort, support, and smile along the way.  I know we’ll make an incredible team when it’s time to deliver – my doula man!  I couldn’t ask for a better daddy-to-be.






I’ve been having a blast diving into all the new amazing makeup and skincare I’ve received over the past few weeks.  I forgot how wonderful it feels to play, dress up, and feel like you put in that next level of effort.  It also reminded me that when you have all the right tools at home, spa’s and exterior outlets mean nothing.  How lucky are we to all be able to learn every skill through a variety of gifs, youtube tutorials, and articles?  Nothing is further than a stones throw away, and when you’ve got the essentials to get the job done in the comfort of your own home – practice eventually makes perfect.  I love feeling self-sufficient when it comes to beauty routines and techniques.  No appointments or waiting lists to endure, no aesthetician screw-ups (you’d be surprised to hear how many times I’ve been badly burned by novice bikini waxers).  Just you, the way you like it, and time.








Food news – I’ve been overdoing it with the carbs, caffeine, sugar and grease.  My body reminded me yesterday by disabling me to get out of bed without violent waves of nausea (it’s unbelievable how extreme reactions can be when you’re pregnant).  Too much, too regularly.  Been boosting the probiotics, Nat Phos, salads, lemon juice, fruit, water intake, and boiled/steamed veggies.  Already feeling a thousand times better and it’s only been a day.



Have a beautiful weekend!


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