Insta Recap – Welcoming 2014

Insta Recap – Welcoming 2014

Happy new year everyone!  2014 is going to be absolutely magical, I can just feel it…

Got back to Montreal last night, and slowly easing into everyday life once more.  This past year has been filled with blessings, lessons, and obstacles (real growth).  While I know the coming months will be bringing on vast changes, I can’t wait to witness the fruits of last year’s labors.  Momentum progressing.  So many new projects and ideas brewing in my mind, a little person to get to know and care for, and life priorities shifted to renew my mentale/spirit.

The holiday season was exactly what I needed to decompress and distance myself from my regular routine.  Dropping in on Wholefoods on the daily, indulging in new organic and all natural finds (for me and bebe), and getting spoiled rotten by the man’s mom was sheer removed bliss.  Christmas provided so much generosity for my little family-to-be, and baby boy’s stash of gear is inching on completion (a major relief for the nesting instinct I’ve been trying my best to suppress for so long).  Before I know it, february will bring full free time while I’m on maternity, and then the bug arrives!




Socially, the holidays this year were a hit.  Dinner with friends, new co-workers, and family (alongside a few great media events) filled up the man and I’s schedule without leaving us haggard and drained (it’s amazing how much more energy you have to face this time of the year when you leave alcohol out of the equation).  Excited to get dolled up once more to attend a friends wedding this weekend… the theme?  Versailles.  I have just the dress for it.



In 2013, I watched my relationship with the man bloom to higher grounds.  Never before have I felt a partnership like this – a connection as profound.  I can honestly say that everyday I walk forward in the direction of my dreams with my ideal hand in hand.  Luckiest girl alive.

This upcoming September we will be looking to host an intimate, immediate-only family celebration to “start our lives together” (I’m not quite sure we’ve exactly been waiting).  Best part?  Our extra guest will finally be here (and six months old at that)!


Fun fact: I could only zip this dress up halfway.  The top half was held up together with five heavy duty safety pins (hence the shawl).  Make it werk girls.


In 2013 I discovered the hair donut (grateful)!


I also ate an exorbitant amount of homemade cookies (my grandpa loved them even more than me – polishing six off in one sitting – can’t mess with a professional).




This year I changed my mind about maternity clothing.  Never been more of an advocate for sexy, comfy, and super stylish finds on a preggo.  Empowering!



My holiday prize?  This beautiful Canon camera (thank you baby!).  I’ve been operating on iPhone snaps for so long (all hail the mighty instagram), that rediscovering this beauty (and it’s clarity) is as thrilling as the first time I switched to pro.  Get ready for a 2014 filled with original content and captured moments/firsts!


A little something for my sharp-shooting working man…



LUSH has officially taken over my beauty interest – obsessed with the Angels on Bare Skin face wash (the lavender scent is intoxicating – I actually look forward to morning scrubs and totally take my sweet time massaging it in).  It’s going to be a new year filled with fresh cosmetics, healthy alternatives, and handmade delights.  Gold bubbles and the right herbs can heal all ailments darling!



The man and I’s gift exchange (he is impossible to surprise)!


Christmas eve was spent with the pops and included a gorgeous tree/festive rose centerpiece, fireplace snuggles, all too many surprises (including a beloved Bugaboo Bee all black!), sushi appetizers, and virgin caesars for fatty (aka, me).


The bro combined his love for Lego with my adoration for New York and art.  This Guggenheim gift set kept us busy in Toronto.


Family stays equal photo throwbacks, and seeing my man all army’d up at sixteen alongside his mom was definitely a highlight.


New year obsessions…


THIS you must try.  Unbelievable.  Still kind of mentally beating myself up for not bringing a pack home with me.


Baby boy did well on boxing day!  Corn-based baby gear from Wholefoods, and the sweetest Peter Rabbit quilt from Pottery Barn Kids (god I love that store).


Baby Gap sales were intense.


One of the best pizzas I’ve ever experienced.  No, seriously… it’s up there with Mario Batali’s perfected Otto creations (spelt flour margherita, custom created at Wholefoods).


Another obsession?  Almond oil.  In my hair, to wash my face, as a serum, on my belly… I’m addicted.



New old friends!



Can you tell I love that my mom-in-law is a naturopath?


Clean eats: asparagus, steamed kale, halibut with rosemary, and roasted potatoes.  I learned some valuable cooking tips this Toronto trip (and just successfully recreated a batch of fresh pasta sauce ce soir).


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.56.40 PM


This year I will dig more into The Little Prince.  Started reading it at Indigo, and am completely intrigued.  Not quite sure of it’s message yet, but looking forward to seeing how the book wraps up.  It ain’t a classic for nothing…




Stealing a few last kisses of 2013…


… and learning a secret family potato pancake recipe first thing new years day!


Space explorer.




Piccolo comes home from grandpa’s this weekend (I miss the little terrorist)!

Here’s to putting plans into action, working with direction, loving fully and unconditionally, self-fulfilment, happiness, and opened awareness to the opportunities and positives in front of you!  2014 is going to be a year to remember (the magic is in the even numbers – welcome to the year of the horse!).

As my man pointed out (and I must repeat) – we are all here on this earth together, witnessing the events around us in unison at this particular point in time.  That will never be replaced or replicated.  Making history is now, and we’re all in some way a part of that.  Know how unique this moment is, and keep it within your awareness always.


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