KILL Mag Video Stills & MOJO Makeup Tutorial

KILL Mag Video Stills & MOJO Makeup Tutorial

Happy weekending beauties!

I’m exhausted after a frightening day (I am terrified of video shoots and messing them up) shooting the “Get The Look” videos for Annabelle Cosmetics.  Their new product “Smudge Paint” (a cross breed of eyeliner and blend-able water resistant gel eyeshadow) are being featured online for Elle Quebec and Canada during the upcoming months!  Today I was playing with the product and bringing some of their coolest looks to life in front of a crew of six (and three cameras – intimidating much?).  While I always like seeing the end result (video editing fascinates me seeing as I don’t understand how to do it whatsoever), I find not stuttering or screwing up what needs to be said the most challenging part of my job.  I get all awkward, jittery and flushed.  I am no natural in front of the camera (both pictures as well as videos).  Any media that has somehow captured me takes a lot of personal brainwashing on my part (in the form of calming the hell down and focusing for the sake of all the other people dedicating their time and energy to valuing anything I may or may not be able to express).  Not my forte, but at the end of the day all I can do is keep an open mind and try different approaches.  I’m learning to get comfortable with the most demanding and uncomfortable (always the most rewarding once perfected).

Lots of awesome projects/exciting opportunities popping up everywhere lately (more to be announced soon!) – I’ve been having a lot of fun preparing everything and attempting to calm this balancing act of a life I’ve been given.  Sunday I will be flying out to Toronto for an event with Addition-Elle to style one of their models in-store with their new collection.  It will be cool to zip in and out and meet some fab new bloggers!

The pictures in this post are screenshots from the creative video shoot I did for KILL Mag (part two soon to be filmed on/in the Habitat condos).  It was a full day of Helmer couture, intense heat and Gwen Stefani-worthy wigs to indulge my inner Alice in Wonderland all shot in various locations on Mount Royal.  I’m not going to unveil too many details, but the clip is an abstract play on the struggle between expectations and nature… inner demons vs. materialized monsters.  With the digital editing I can’t WAIT to see the finished product (not to mention see if my “acting” skills aren’t completely hideous).

I also just recently shot a makeup tutorial paying hommage to the MOJO Pink Lemonade beverage with the beautiful ladies behind Mode 34B blog.  Check it out, “like” ’em on facebook and let me know what you think!

Take a look at my beautiful city :).

Okay, okay… I know this last picture is disgusting (and you’re probably wondering what the hell that pink stuff is)…

It’s actually from an outtake.  In one of the scenes my character gets so overwhelmed by paranoia that she pukes this chalky goo (Pepto Bismol) everywhere… apparently they will be altering the colour later on – it was hard not to laugh at how ridiculous I felt (how bout them pink teefs?), hence this glory pic (haha!).

Gotta have fun no matter what you venture into!



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