Links I Love

Links I Love

  • These pics of Marc Jacobs <3
  • Holy shit Bryan Boy’s fabulosity factor has risen!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love his friendship with Rumi as they travel the world ensemble, and how he pretty much looks like a superhero in every one of his posts (not to mention how perfect he looks in pink).
  • Have a thing for watching movies online when you need a break?  Although I’ve become a regular on many sites, more times than not I’ll find myself missing out on the Independent films and documentaries I really want to be watching.  Check out 9 sites that will blow your problems away like kisses <3.
  • A tattoo’d skull teapot?  Why yes of course dahling… pass the sugar?

  • John Lennon was a cool dude.  It’s a shame more people like him don’t exist in the world (from the peace/love perspective).  Loving these quotes (although I’m not sure he was the source of all of them), expect to be put in a great mood!
  • Valissa Yoe – get to know the name of this makeup artist making a name for herself in a niche beauty market (pink wigs, blue lips and all).
  • Kitty cat cute… love these pics of gal and her feline tendencies…
  • Pringles inspired sandals?  Right on baby, right on…
  • Augustin Teboul has got macrame down to an art form – gorgeously gothic creations that seem way too wearable.
  • This shoot is amazeballs – starring the gorgeous Daphne.

  • I’m sure I’m the last to know about this fashion find, but really loving Richard Haines two minute illustrations.  This guy is seriously the awesome sauce – sketching people as he sees them wherever he finds inspiration (NYC fashion weeks included).  Check out his blog What I Saw Today <3.
  • Whenever you feel like you’ve spent waaaayyy too much money on yourself, check out these over the top receipts (they may actually make you dizzy).
  • Because sometimes the most beautiful pictures are the ones that don’t look like anything.
  • Olive green accessories are on my fashion radar.  This duo is killing me.
  • Apocalypse Miau???  This has to be THE most epic video of life.

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