Links I Love – Etsy Edition

Links I Love – Etsy Edition

(Genuine Icelandic soy wax candle with rowan berries and 2,000 year old lava stones)

TGIF darlings!  This week was spent trying to rid myself of a horrible sore throat, enjoying quiet reading recluse with my man, and generally allowing chores and errands to build up like nothing else (to which I am now attempting to tame).  A few things I’m currently digging (and loving a la Etsy)…

Eat: tea, tea, tea (and more tea)… royal gala apples, salads smothered in raw garlic (don’t come too close!), organic tofu

Do: groceries, tea/coffee walks, cuddles with babe, excessive sleep-ins, laundry (I swear it never ends…)

Watch: Hart of Dixie (even the man likes it – guilty conscious off the hook!)

Indulge: all things chocolate, apple cider vinegar and sea salt kettle chips, blueberry face masks, new comfy ballerina flats

Love: nesting with my boys, baby smiles, medicine book browsing







(Birds and power lines onesie)


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