Links I Love & Gildo Medina Illustrations

Links I Love & Gildo Medina Illustrations

 Going through my head today… the validity and longevity of friendship.

Is it possible to really have honest friendships that stand the test of time and don’t leave your life (or change over time and circumstance)?  There are a few people I have learnt to trust and depend on over the years when the going gets tough, but maybe I am a bit more of a distanced personality – I certainly don’t have that Sex & The City warm and fuzziness many girlfriends often share with each other.  In fact in many ways, I feel like a bit of a jerk friend.  I rarely (if ever) remember birthdays, don’t call on a regular basis (or at all most of the time), and never enjoy hanging out with more people than a one-on-one lends.  Maybe I’ve been a bit too wrapped up in my 90210 marathon as of late (and all the backstabbing strategies each of the characters so effortlessly dreams up on a whim), but it has come to my attention that friends may only really be a temporary thing.  If you look at very successful people, many of them swear by a family-only policy when it comes to who they share it all with.  Maybe they’ve been bitten in the ass one too many times, but the fact of the matter is that more often than not (real bonds aside), hanging out and tying your time to meeting new people often results in en-masse wasted time.  I hate to think that everyone needs to seclude themselves and dedicate their lives to one calling (I don’t think that’s a sound answer), but maybe taking a less personal approach to friendship and getting to know people should be a route more people take (myself included).  Think about it… meeting cool, fun, interesting and intellectual individuals who you never give the power to disappoint you.  While this theory may seem like a ploy to immaturely keep others at a distance to avoid emotional hurt, could it potentially also be a new perspective on what a friend should be?  Do we have to make everyone family?  Must everyone like us?  Is it natural to go out of our own comfort zones to make others comfortable when we haven’t quite warmed up to them?  As I write this I can’t help but think that you must think I’m sounding pretty hostile and close minded… introverted and selfish even.  I guess I’m just asking the question of why we are all so keen to please, and how it generally only makes you a loser at the end of the game.

I am slowly learning the ropes and rules of what it means to be an asshole (in the best, most productive/strategic sense).  Naturally being someone who is far too lenient and go-with-the-flow, it’s easy to take the back seat to stronger personalities with set schedules in their heads.  At a certain point, you have to stand up and be a bitch for your own sake… don’t doubt me when I say inevitably you’ll be left with nothing if you don’t.  Even the nicest, most genuine people have the power to surprise you and go back on their promises/morals.  Unfortunately people change, and you never know – you could end up being the destructive person you never thought you could be.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we went to friends for fun, lightheartedness, relief, and spontaneity?  I’m not saying duck out of your side of providing the relief and insight (it is of course a two sided relationship kind of thing), but maybe we could learn to be less shocked and broken when someone pulls a quick one regarding the things we care about.

Thoughts?  Possible or not?

  • So Pantone has been keeping up it’s ever-cool status within the fashion/design industry, but also making huge splashes with beauty junkies.  Aren’t you in the least bit interested in knowing what Pantone skin colour you are?
  • Outdoor wallpaper?  I want.
  • In case you don’t know what to cook anymore (and love hearty foods that last all week while remaining easily transportable to working environments), check out this basic veggie chili recipe – a stock food fave of mine.

  • Times have changed, now you have to download apps to make your workspace sound like a typewriter
  • Speaking of change, remember that scene in Sex & the City where Carrie confesses to Big her love for the smell of the library books she borrows?  Business opportunity!  Print may be dying, but apparently scent and perfume is always modernly in fashion… would you sport “eau de liver”?
  • A new web domain that incorporates Pinterest, WordPress, and Tumblr all into one?  Sounds amazing.


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