Links I Love & Izziyana Suhaimi

Links I Love & Izziyana Suhaimi

I keep having these days where I feel like I’ve got nothing done, when in actuality I’ve been running a rat race the entire time.  The inner panic of my ever-engulfing “to do” list got the best of me around 6pm, and my guy and I stepped out for a homemade ice cream, Starbucks caffeine boost, and gander at the local knickknack shop… to which we bought an entire indoor garden!

Wild cherry tomatoes, lavender, sunflowers, strawberries, and a pomegranate tree later, our huge windows finally have something to nurture year round.  We even got so excited as to declare putting up shelves under all our ledges to increase our greenhouse sanctuary to more exotic fruit trees (we shall see how well the first batch go)!

I’m stuck in a “I want to buy things but already have more than I need mood”.  Scarcity is a wonderful, life-simplifying strategy I do not want to give up.  At the same time, I feel at a loss for my personal style.  It’s as if it’s fleeting, it’s identity lost.  Should I consider this a fashion crisis?  Time to regain an edge I’m psyched about in the everyday… in the meantime, enjoy my fave finds of the world wide web (and Izziyana Suhaimi embroidered art)…



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