Links I Love & Weekend Weeding Out

Links I Love & Weekend Weeding Out

This week I had a little mental breakthrough.  I started looking at little things with admiration again.  Not with overdone idealism or unreflected acceptance, but at face value for what they’re each worth.  I’ve been finding beauty in the irritating, the challenging, and the annoying.  I feel like I’ve begun to understand the reasons why they exist.  It’s made me happier, and happier with a lot less.  There is so much weeding out we face daily (emotional, and physical).  There is no longer any good or bad.  They are all relative, all exactly identical in their sameness.  I feel elated and free.  I wish I could tell you how I got here, but it’s indescribable.  This weekend I can’t wait to get some spring cleaning done (clutter-free is the way to be).

A few things that made me smile/happy this week…

The guy who gives out the morning paper where I get out of the metro (he does this amusingly-intrusive skiddle that bothered me first, but which now inspires me to make the most of the everyday through consistency).  Painting my nails (I haven’t done this for myself in the longest time).  Hot yoga/kbox fusion class (I’m still recovering).  Being at the stage in my relationship where fights change and mean nothing.  Market visits after work.  Getting lost in fitness magazines.  Drinking a lot of water every day.  Blogging daily.  The fact that the workweek is officially over (rejoice)!







Enjoy your weekend!  Stay tuned for some soon to come beauty giveaways…


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