Lucky Links I Love & The Visa Everyday Challenge Summary & Giveaway Winner

Lucky Links I Love & The Visa Everyday Challenge Summary & Giveaway Winner

Today was my very last day of the Visa Everyday Challenge (learn more about the rules and objectives themselves in my last post).  Five days monitoring my spending on sometimes everyday items, and other times items that build up a life and facilitate or make it more enjoyable.  My personal end goal for the points accumulated was to buy airfare for two to Thailand (a normally pricey venture)… So lets look a little closer into what a day in the spending life looks like (and how many points I picked up along the way)…

Day 1

  • Started the challenge off fiercely by combining an existing gift certificate I had for a pedi at Rouge with a matching mani in red (while giggling to Me, Myself & Dupree and downing Perrier and an espresso)… costing $37.22
  • Got a little sidelined at Chapters while overlooking potential reads, and bought an unforgettable box of Fralinger’s Peanut Butter Chews (which resulted in a frenzied craze that still to this day consumes me)… costing $9.20

Day Total – $46.42

Day 2

  • Thought those peanut butter chews were worthy of my grandfathers consumption and enjoyment… went back to Chapters for another box (convinced they too would completely change his life)… costing $9.20
  • Couldn’t stand to wait for his feedback until the next time I got to visit him (and in need of sending off some giveaways anyways), so I ventured to Canada Post in Ogilvy’s – buying bubble packaging on the spot to ship off a few airborne delights… costing $27.72
Day Total – $36.92 (falling a tad short of my $40 minimum)

Day 3

  • Cab calling in the midst of a snowstorm to get to my appointment/feature at Boutique Onze on St. Catherine on time… costing $10.70
  • Starbuck’s coffee to fuel the fire of work (and keep my paws warm) after my meeting for the walk home… costing $2.01
  • Travel-bag-buying at St. Catherine’s WeSC store (got a beauty that is washable and oh-so practical)… costing $35.00
Day Total – $47.71

Day 4

  • Fitting with MARTIN LIM for my fashion week attire… cab to their studio, and of course back (such a time saving luxury!)… costing $20.55 going there, and $21.25 coming back
Day Total – $41.80

(the infamous chews, above *le sigh*)

Day 5

  • Reading material!  As I’m currently lost in lust with the sixties and seventies (especially the NY scene), I placed an Andy Warhol order… costing $18.58 and $23.11
Day Total – $41.69
Challenge Total – $214.54

Total Points Accumulated in five days with the Visa Infinite Avion Card (one point per dollar spent) – 214

Not bad for a week right?  Think about how much quicker you can get to your goals just by picking up the everyday (even tiny) purchases you make everyday… and have something substantial for FREE.
I don’t know about you, but I like knowing that I’m getting something back when I’m going about my everyday!

Now for the winner of the $50 pre-paid Visa card…

(drumroll please)…

Eco Passport!

I chose them because they vowed to use their card to spread awareness about eco-friendly and socially responsible businesses and practices (I’m all about that – especially when it comes to paying it forward)!

Congrats, and a special thank you to Visa for including me in this challenge (gave me a good excuse to work out the plastic)!

Links I Love

  • Daphne Guinness just seems to be this rarity of a person – I love how she’s so into her own things in this video (and what an intimate look at her NYC apartment!)
  • Mavi Jeans shopping!  I stopped by Boutique Onze this week to try some new styles on, eventually falling in <3 with a pair of Lindy’s (last pic)
  • Neons!  For beauty, for style… it’s finally catching up with me and sucking me under the trend bus!
  • So many recognizable pictures (even if you don’t know the names of the photographers who took them), posing with the eye behind them all.  Love it.
  • I’ve been getting into Secret Diary Of a Call Girl… comes as no surprise why this article completely absorbed me…
  • Continuing on the safe cosmetics (and eating route – I have just started my detox today), here is a foolproof dissection of the ingredients you need to pay attention to on your product bottles.
  • Don’t have a valentine yet?  Don’t need one!  Join in on the beauty blog swap (I know I will)!
  • Socially bankrupt… I like the idea.
  • In case you need a total life re-haul, check out how to build your life into whatever the hell you want it to be (valuable advice folks)!

The Sartorialist: Lunch for 25 from The Sartorialist on Vimeo.

 What I’m Wearing

  • Lucky brand “Gossip Sucks” black rhinestone tee (thank you Lucky for letting me channel my well-known love for teenage vampire thrills, and dislike of petty talk!)
  • Zara tuxedo blazer
  • Buffalo jeans
  • Forever 21 sequined beret (my bad hair day go-to)
Special thank you to Andre Di Fruscia for the pictures


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