Mastery – Making Time For Talent

Mastery – Making Time For Talent

It’s been far too long since my last post – and while I’ve been happily absorbed in my newfound life and it’s many callings, I’ve been yearning for a deeper dive into a few projects I’ve been excited about.  Watercolours, reading, knitting, writing, cooking, baking, yoga, ink drawings, stationery-making, toy-creating, cosmetics producing, organizing… the list goes on (and heaven forbid they interrupt any of those delicious baby smiles I wait all day for!).

With a little one, there can be no such thing as a routine – every day brings with it new discoveries and developments (it’s really quite exciting!).  Carving out time to dedicate yourself to something other than the necessary can be a challenge (the happiness rewards are worth every ounce of struggle though).  In the end it all comes back to balance, but when you can calmly step back and watch it all progress – it truly is magic.  Rain days are a big help (ideas can be fleeting when sunshine awaits).

And with this announcement of having too many interests and too little time, I just realized I want to join a book club/library/charity council/university course.

*le sigh*


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