Marilyn Monroe Contest Entries!!!

Ladies, ladies, LADIES!!! You have outdone yourselves! What absolutely stunning/beautiful/gorgeous entries you have sent me!!! My jaw is officially dropped to the floor!
So this is the inspiration pic most of ya picked – stunning (but actually Lisa Marie Presley’s take on Marilyn!)

And our first Glamourpuss….

Miss Sarah!

The Ever Elegant Jackie…

The always Sultry Saim

Princess Estefania!

… Frosted Cupcakes! 😉

The Lovely Diana…

Whitney’s Inspiration Pics & Looks… Rrrrowww!

… and last but most certainly not least Jessica’s take on the coral Marilyn Look! So Spring!

I am truly impressed with every entry! What an awesome b-day gift (all these Marilyn visuals to enjoy)!

Good Luck to you all and the winner will be announced on June 1st!

All Comments Below will be seriously considered in the Judging panel!!!

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