Monday Morning – Too Cold For Comfort

Monday Morning – Too Cold For Comfort

Today’s start was something of a rough one.  With the city blocked up and full of snow (not to mention at sub zero temperatures that would impress Batman’s Mr. Freeze), it was an intense trek getting to work.  Admittedly, after the frustration of two buses standing me up and an all too long outdoor wait in tundra weather – I actually cried (possibly from relief, most likely from hormones) when I finally reached my destination.  Makeup smeared tears and cherry red ears can be intensely scary when your body has frozen over to said degree (hence my hideout in the bathroom for a good ten minutes when I got in).  I’ve been here for an hour now, with a personal heater turned up to the max, and still feel like a popsicle.  As much as I love this country, the weather can most certainly be trying *dreaming of beaches*.







Morning events aside, here’s to turning over a new mentality and starting the day over in our minds (here’s hoping your am wasn’t as emotionally-packed as mine).  This weekend was so intimate, restful, and warmly serene, it’s no wonder I’m thrown for a loop today.  Soy lattes, chocolates, watching the man make his art, shooting some beauty post pics… can you blame me I’m sad it’s over?

Time to get to work… have a gorgeous day!


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