My Birthday Bash @ Holts Courtesy of Erno Laszlo!

My Birthday Bash @ Holts Courtesy of Erno Laszlo!

Behold another Tuesday in full effect, with the sunshine blazing away outside and yours truly sipping on a David’s Tea iced lemon concoction.  I am now a 26 year old.  Officially.  The weekend was as relaxing as it was hectic – karaoke night hysteria amongst friends, business tax meeting with my accountant (who also schooled my ass on nutrition, fitness and overall health), and playing catchup/researcher to all the projects I am currently in the midst of juggling.

I’ve said it before and failed, but this time I rest assured that I have been scared stiff enough to thoroughly make the change I’ve been promising myself all along.  For the past few months while I’ve fallen off track, I’ve lost a bit of myself – let myself go in the worst of ways (physically as well as motivationally).  Always holding the ideas of what I wanted to do, I lacked to punch to go for them and knock them out of the water – making them a reality.  In many ways I needed that break to really clear my mind and refocus on what works (business-wise as well as emotionally and personally).  It’s time for efficiency, optimum performance and treating my body and mind as the key link to gaining everything I want and need.  Fate, destiny, karma – whatever you want to call it, I believe has aligned me with people who drilled the importance of truly busting your ass to maintain and take care of yourself to the best of your ability.

It’s too easy to eat crap and feel horrible.  It’s too easy to not work out and let yourself be anything less than you hope to be.  In all honesty, I am scared shitless of aging.  Not in the way you’d think though.  I’m scared that if I don’t make the lifestyle changes necessary right now and master their pattern, I won’t age gracefully.

Never one for plastic surgery or the mentality that tows along behind it, I want to be one of those women whose hard work and dedication/success glows through from within.  I don’t want to be unhappy about myself when I finally get there – I want to reap every reward of my life’s work – physically as well.  Time to get my mind off the poutine nights of sin and start thinking of the bigger picture a little more.  I am noticing changes in my body, intolerances and new feelings/mentalities.  I want to honour them and compliment them – not make my life harder by continuing to live out a teenage fantasy.

All this to say that as of yesterday I have started a new lifestyle.  Next week I will embark on a cleanse (lord knows my livers been praying for one), and as soon as my energy is up and running again with an uber-clean diet, time to make the gym my second home.

I’ve realized that there is so much I want to accomplish in my life and the only way to get there is by tackling my own destructive demons first.  Charity and volunteer work, business development, honing my writing skills, painting, burlesque performing, public speaking, management and opportunity-making… the list goes on and on and never ends…

The only way I will ever have the time and energy for it all is if I feed myself fuel that wont allow me to crash and energize my body via exercise and various classes.  My mind will take care of the rest (with much thanks to my newest obsession – Matcha tea).

Enough about my life-changing revelation though – Saturday was my big birthday bash at Holt Renfrew alongside the incredible Erno Laszlo team!

First and foremost I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out (and those who were there in spirit as well) – your effort to ring in the big 2-6 with me was both incredibly flattering as it was touching.  It was beautiful to meet followers who I’ve only talked to through email, comment forms and twitter in the live – your stories and dreams are incredibly inspiring to me (and honestly what pushes me to continue on my little path – stepping stone by stepping stone).  I truly was surrounded by my favourite people (my folks and bro came out to lend support), and to welcome another year of life with a company I hold so much respect for (and believe in with all my entirety) was flooring.

Petits Gateaux provided the absolutely decadent mini vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with lavender whipped icing alongside the double tiered vanilla/pear moist-as-sin cake with vanilla frosting and fondant (covered in edible orchids might I add).  To say they were delicious would be quite an understatement.  So thank you chef Nelson (and the entire Petits Gateaux crew) for creating such flavourful beauty for each and every one of my guests to enjoy and divulge in!

CEO and owner Charles Denton was in attendance, a larger than life presence that I’m still having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around (I mean really, how cool is that?).  Kind of surreal that the entire Laszlo group was in attendance from all around the world – truly a humbling experience that can be expressed no other way than with my utmost gratitude.  Their generosity and kindness throughout the event and planning itself (as well as for the four years I’ve continuously come back for more) are always noted and admired openly as well as from afar.

So an ENORMOUS thank you to everyone at Laszlo – I am incredibly proud to have been able to be a part of it all!

Amongst the raffle prizes were five body care baskets packed with Laszlo goodies, five one-hour facials with the best aesthetician in town (Tina – you’ll know that already if you follow me on twitter), and two gift certificates to shop at Holts!  For those who invested in new skincare staples, the generous gifts with purchase made for a beautiful addition of products to test and become equally addicted to (and don’t deny you will).

Congrats to all the winners of the draw – use your prizes well and spoil yourself!

Thank you to Audrey and Holt Renfrew (as well as the cafe) for allowing us to host our little shindig in the midst of the cosmetics aisles and creating a bit of a crowd on a busy Saturday afternoon!  I could not think of a more glamorous location (right in my element of makeup and perfumes), or a better sparkling tea provider ;).

Who needs to get married with a birthday cake like this?!?

The moms and the bro…




I gots ma own sign ma!





What I’m Wearing (courtesy of Marie-Leigh Toure, my magical stylist)!

  • Mulcair sheer top
  • Sirens beaded bra
  • Vero Moda pants
  • Patent leather nude open toe Louboutin pumps


Miss Janet handing out the goodies…

Thank you to Maciek Wilkos and Andre DiFruscia for the pics!


The babe and I alongside our fams…

Need more pics to feed the viewing addiction?  Check out the full gallery on my fb fanpage!

… and the Laszlo team at the end of the day when all was said and done.

I can’t say it enough,

THANK YOU!  Best birthday party EVER!


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