NYFW Front Row & Streetstyle

NYFW Front Row & Streetstyle

Currently trying to recover from what I’d like to consider an inauthentic NYC Chinese takeout experience gone awfully wrong (at least it only put me $16 in the hole).  I guess it’s back to the original plan of having a full kitchen in my eventual New York flat.  Today was supposed to be a work day.  Instead, I slept in until 2pm, and lost track of time vintage shopping in NoHo after a massive french toast diner brekkie.  I am increasingly in awe of all the unique shops, individual shopping spots, and incredible vintage finds (some not as worth it price-wise as others, but still great for visual intake).  There is something very refreshing about the people here.  It’s almost as if they are living what they really want to be doing (and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are acting out anything of grave importance).  With that seems to come a grounded contentment (and a whole lot of natural beauty – something the girls here aren’t short on).

While the west village is always noted as the best place to pick up used designer threads on a dime, NoHo gives it’s acclaim a run for it’s money at a slightly higher price.  Today I found Narnia on Rivington (corner Clinton), an eclectic shop filled with whimsical pieces you’d never expect to see luxury labels on.  The store’s owner and curator focuses namely on neutrals and their contrasting coloured print opposition, Navajo-inspired overcoats/sweaters, and perfectly beaten in leather bags and pre-loved boots.  In a cozy space, I felt like I wandered into an Olsen meets Bo Derek walk in.  Definitely a check out.  On a more affordable note, Tokio 7 is an all time favourite of mine (where I buy many of my designer shoes while I’m in town).  Known for an amazing selection of pretty much anything and everything you could ever dream up (I’ve seen some exact Anna Dello Russo outfits in there), this is where Manhattan’s most successful drop off last seasons duds to clear closet space for the incoming.  Lucky for me, the shop also seems to have an in with samples coming directly from major fashion brands (I’ve never been happier to wear a size 10 heel as a result).  It’s rare when I walk out of there empty handed…

Aside from horrid rent expenses and heath insurance premiums, New Yorkers truly have no reason to dress poorly with so many incredible resources for style on a small budget.  There are so many accessible options, and a walk in Bergdorf’s or down fifth will only school your quality control instincts for when you find that too good to be true second hand treasure.  When I walk into J Mendel or Tom Ford, I truly have no yearning to buy.  Instead, I want to feel the fabrics, try on the fits, observe the detailing, know the difference.  Know what makes their art different from all the others (and schooling it is).  I have found runways and lookbooks, editorials and online snapshots to be incredibly misleading when it comes to weeding out the crafted from the overly marketed.  There are some luxury brands whom I could swear the quality is not far off from H&M or Zara (not to say that’s a bad thing, I’m just for dropping a few zeros off the end of those price tags in that case).  Not everything out there is worth the hype we give it without reservation, hence educating yourself with routine shopping investigations!  Lets face it, if you’re about to spend $2,000 on an item, it should awaken your senses.  It should make you feel like a Queen, sans compromise.

Tomorrow the man and I will be visiting the Guggenheim, taking in the classics (I’ve been seeing Monet in everything from sweaters to SS13 prints, it probably doesn’t help that the lady whose apartment I’m staying in has a full blown fetish with Van Gogh… signs I need to experience the real deal).  Somehow it has nearly been three weeks since I got here, and all my plans for playing artist and poet in Central Park on a picnic blanket are running short on time.  The fact of the matter is that we were not very boho about living here at all.  The days seem shorter here, and with so much to explore in the city it can be hard to sit in one place without wanting to instinctually take it all in instead.  I’ve sampled coconut M&M’s in Times Square, eaten spicy shrimp tacos out of a garage-like Mexican restaurant where the chef’s kitchen was an old Volkswagen bus in NoHo, had spaghetti and meatballs on Mulberry street during the traditional annual feast, and eaten a three pound lobster (with New England Clam Chowder out of a bread bowl) at Chelsea Market.  I’ve had beau soleil oysters full with champagne at Balthazar, brunch at Pastis, and the best oven baked thin crust pizza at Otto and Eataly… by the end of this week I will have seen Spiderman on Broadway and have sipped tea at the Russian Tea Room.  Last night we went out to see Arbitrage with Richard Gere.  The man met the producer at fashion week, so we decided to support our new pal.  Great movie, I love Soho theatres (best popcorn around, and the concession stands are run by theatre students).  On a separate note, I can’t wait to fix my heels I brought on this trip specifically.  The Leather Spa was recommended by the salespeople at the Louboutin store (which I shopped side by side with Kanye and Kim), and are amongst the only equipped to mend and replace broken Loubie heels.  Amongst some of the other celebs spotted in everyday NY life; Eva Mendes, Chris Rock, and Bruce Willis.

You know you’re a lucky bitch when your boyfriend magically presents a picture of himself and Bill Cunningham together smiling on his phone, and asks P’Trique to take the photo he’s about to snap to the next lev.  My man has been an incredible part of everything you see on my blog – from these visuals, to my updated mentality, to making everything possible through the most incredible support.  I am so lucky and thankful in this life for everything I’ve been given in love, health, family, and ambition.  With thanksgiving around the corner, there are so many ways I feel blessed – it would be impossible to write them all down.  Instead I can only channel my thanks into the things I do, and how I choose to live my life.  Honouring blessings are the only way you can ever really show your appreciation for them.  Don’t take what you have for granted.  If you are reading this, you are luckier than most.

Next week this time I will be back at home with my pug/fish/frog/cherry tomato babies, jumping full into the swing of things.  I can’t wait to snuggle up in a blanket, layer on the sweaters, and read/bathe/write/draw.  I can’t wait to walk to my hot yoga classes and experience the harvests at the market.  I can’t wait to smell the dampness that comes with living by the water.  I feel so revived by this trip.  It was at times far from relaxing (which proved to be exactly what I needed).  I’ll be going home with a strong sense of direction and confidence as to where I’m going, and what projects I’ll agree to take on (not to mention a very high overweight fee from excessively heavy baggage).  Stay tuned in the meantime for recaps and further insight into my fashion week experiences – designer by designer.


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