Oh God Gucci!

Oh God Gucci!

I’m having a serious 20’s mood wash over me, dreaming of fringe, beaded geometrical designs and looser silhouettes to compliment my blonde short cropped ‘do.  Making more of a shift from red lipstick to nude a la Edie Sedgwick… yearning to pair it with smoked out eyes and pencil thin arched over the top eyebrows.  Next step in beauty mastering is recreating those Veronica lake waves on the side of my head.  If I can find a suitable wardrobe to match for fashion week, it’ll be alllll about the roaring 20’s flapper chic… I’m a diehard fan.  The 2012 spring/summer Gucci show made my jaw drop.  Not only were there dresses that hold a place of their own when it comes to masterful construction, attention-grabbing allure and timeless energy, but they seem so easy to wear!

I honestly think that I would buy mostly everything in this collection *le sigh*… having just attended my second Modernist New York class (I was able to salvage one of them thankfully), and studying the architectural components and structures of the New York city skyline, you could say that my mind is a little brainwashed with the history and meaning behind it all.  These pieces reflect exactly that.  These are the classics that give a wardrobe meaning, personality and depth (look at those cuts)!

One thing I don’t do nearly enough is showcase incredible, inspirational fashion (that I really, really want to wear).  Time for a change.  Sometimes, reality and the closets it allows just isn’t satisfying from a creative spectrum.  Personally, I don’t want to style my clothing and add so many accessories to my body where the collective becomes something desirable (it just looks like clutter on me).  I want clean, statement-making pieces that describe whats going on internally… something effortless that requires no jewellery, no leggings, hats, stockings or over the top shoes… something that requires no distraction.  I want a whole life of these (in every form).  From living space to eating habits – simple makes my cut (and is improving my way of life).

Talking to my dad about life insurance while the maintenance man fixes my plumbing… LOL… see what I mean by reality bubble-killers?  While these seem like mundane subjects, at least I’m keeping it simple and effective, right?


P.S. Has anyone seen Boardwalk Empire?  I’ve heard rave reviews, and considering my mindset… I think it would be a hit!

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