Playing With The Paper By 53 iPad App

Playing With The Paper By 53 iPad App

There is nothing like a healthy dose of self expression to really clear your mind and set your soul at rest.  Somehow, although I consider myself something of an anxiety case when it comes to work and responsibilities, I’ve been dropping the unnecessary left, right, and centre to refocus on the things that I want to be doing (and which bring me peace of mind).  As a blogger it’s easily to get wooed off track by companies offering up incredible experiences and products.  Unfortunately, losing your authentic voice becomes a very real threat, and you drift from the actual point of it all.  Some things need to be guarded as sacred.  As art and exploration.  It saddens me to sometimes engage in the constant promotion of everybody else’s ploy for money.  I’m all for supporting those whose dreams I believe in, but sometimes it’s nice to zero back in on your own goals and interests while really taking the time to bring them all to life.

As I’ve been on an iPad app spree lately, one creative software really has me hooked – Paper by 53.  An artists dream of basic tools and textures, interactive colour mixing and fluidity – bringing endless results.  With each of the sketchbooks mimicking a Moleskine journal (and a sample page to let you in on your options), through touchpad pen or fingertip you’ll be impressed by what you can come up with.  For the eternal doodler, buy your tools and get to work wherever you go (I’ve been spotted sketching everywhere from the pool to my bed…).  It fuels me to set up my ink drawing illustrations, and is an instant (mess-free) way of building something with your hands every day.  Gotta love products that enhance your life and fuel inspiration in the every day.

Like my editorial derived artwork?

Zink Magazine Show & Tell (Summer 2012)

Photographed by Antia Pagant

Styled by Patrycja Juraszczyk

 Zink Magazine, Gold Blooded (Summer 2012)

Photographed by Catherine Asanov

Styled by Ja’niya Walker

It’s Friday!


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