Pourquoi Pas? I’m on an Effing Boat!

So today was totally beautiful out… and I caught up with my father’s day celebrations with my family… ON A MOTHERF%$#ING BOAT!!! My dad just bought a very sexy, very James Bond little speed boat… Mmmm mmm good!

The beeeeautiful yaht club :)

Gettin’ sunblocked up!

My brothers girlfriend…

My Bro and Pops…

water traffic…

Ahoy 😉

Sick scorpion tattoo…

The Babe…

damn I love this man… even though he drives me CRAZY!!!

What I’m Wearing
  • Gucci Bikini
  • Classic Ray Ban Aviators

P.S. I was a total badass yesterday and caved in my two month shopping challenge :(

***slap on the wrist***

What did it? MAC Style Warriors collection (damn you MAC…). I’m sure you can spot my guilty lipglass purchase above… urg! Nonetheless, I went TWENTY FIVE DAMN DAYS without anything (in the middle of all the beautiful cheap wears that summer provides). I think that deserves me a gelato… 😉 YAY… even though I failed miserably – I am victorious!!! As a result of this challenge I have truly been enjoying summer in the great outdoors and with people I love 😉

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