Preparation – Baby Boy Basics

Preparation – Baby Boy Basics

with little man’s wardrobe and fabric gear all washed and ready, I feel like I’m slowly easing into my organization/cleaning/preparation operation.  Although I’ve been collecting and adding to my baby pile since I first found out I was pregnant, it’s absolutely astounding how quickly time flies, and how much “stuff” a tiny human needs.  Despite my stash, there are still so many gaps to fill.  With a crib and the first shipment of diapers on the way this week, our basic setup is forming beautifully.  With a final ultrasound tomorrow, every week that now passes is part of the final countdown (I can’t believe it!).

As much gear as I feel I’m missing, I also know how little babies actually need.  Love, boobs, and lots of diapers/jammies.  It’s really so much simpler than we all make it out to be (repeat three times).

baby boy clothes newborn baby gap

kaboo bear

peter rabbit quilt pottery barn

green sprouts baby gear

honest wipes sophie la girafe

cheeky monkey bib

ikea toy car

Getting very excited as my baby shower sneaks up closer… it will be amazing to reunite with friends and those I haven’t had a chance to see in a while before my time is filled up to the brim!



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