Preparing For A Natural Hypnobirth

Preparing For A Natural Hypnobirth

As my due date quickly creeps up, I often get asked whether or not I’m afraid of experiencing birth.

My honest answer?

I’m actually looking forward to it.

“You’ll regret that , just wait” seems to be the only feedback I get after responding (alongside an exaggerated eye roll or mocking laugh).

Look, I get it.  I sound crazy.  Who anticipates pain but a masochist right?  The fact that I ideally want a natural birth probably doesn’t help my argument either.  But I do.  And so at two and a half months away from the big day, I start my research and preparation.

Originally, I wanted an at-home water birth.  Then I realized how hard it was to find a midwife/obstetrician to simply follow your pregnancy.  I was five months in by the time I found a doctor that would take me on (look at any waiting list – my name’s surely on it).  I eventually lucked out and found an obstetrician who works both in his private clinic, as well as directly within the same hospital where I was born.  While I have my reservations about delivering in a hospital setting, subject to rituals and systems I don’t necessarily believe in – I’m also thankful and glad for the abundance of technology should complications arise.

My biggest worry?

The opinions and impositions of others.  Not viable medical advice but personal opinions on the unnecessary things I should consider/do (disguised as emergencies or importances).  I don’t want an automatic IV if I don’t need one.  I want to be able to eat if I’m hungry and feel the need.  Don’t even think about asking me to lay on my back with my legs spread in the air either – not interested, unless that’s what my body tells me to do.  Don’t tell me how you view midwives as overrated (something my doctor has already let slip during one of my checkups), or that I need to speed the process up because you have somewhere better you’d like to be.  I’m worried that my instinctual preferences will create something of a hostile environment when and where I need to focus most.  Of course this is where the man steps in and provides me with support from every side – I just don’t want my surroundings to distract me from channeling positivity and power.

Here’s the thing.

I know I’ll be in agony.  I know I’ll probably never want to repeat the experience again right after it’s over.  I know that feeling every minute of it will be exhausting, trying, and excruciating.  But I know I can do it.  My grandmother brought five kids into this world via hospital, unmedicated.  The man’s mom did it twice.

It’s not something I want to accomplish to brag about or prove a point.  It’s a researched preference that I believe will trigger my body to react naturally for my baby (in the breastfeeding, postpartum, and bonding sense).  I also don’t want a moment as monumental as my son being born to be taken from me in any capacity (my body reacts oddly to medications/drugs, and I’m more afraid of losing control of myself than anything else).

Enter hypnobirthing.  As a big fan of what a doula represents, I’m not too naive to know that I’ll need to train my body (and mind) in a variety of ways in order to manage the pain.  What is hypnobirthing?  It’s the trust that your body (and baby) were made to work together in birth.  That positivity, peace, and tuning into the rhythm and pressure present in childbirth will allow for a calm experience.  It is not ignorant or new age in the sense of it promising to dissipate your agony.  If anything it’s the realistic acceptance of what birth is, and that what we are taught to fear is actually completely normal and healthy.  When you have understanding and knowledge, you ease the tension that comes with the unknown.  I want to feel the relief after the strain.

While I am only just starting to read up on the Morgan method, I’m curious as to if anyone else has tried hypnobirthing or other alternative pain management tactics.  Did it work for you?  Would you try it yourself?  I’m a sponge, so please share!


P.S. Please note that I do not judge or disapprove of traditional medicine to be wrong or harmful.  I think birth is such a beautiful, personal experience that whatever makes you feel most comfortable is exactly what you should be doing.  These are my birthing opinions and preferences (customized personally, just as you would a birth plan).  I think the most important thing you can achieve in life is owning the situations that are important to you, and doing them exactly the way you’ve imagined.

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