Recent Beauty – A Winter Review

Recent Beauty – A Winter Review

Yesterday I hit a point of exhaustion and physical wear normally only reserved for action-packed workweeks crammed with after-hours activities and non-stop social meet & greets.  With more and more labour prep symptoms starting, my body feels strained, drained, and pushed passed it’s capacity for comfort.  Being fixed on ticking off the rest of my “to do’s” before little man hits town, I got caught up in running around sorting things amidst me, ignoring the increased aches and pains setting in.  And just like that, yesterday’s itinerary flew out the window and came to a crashing halt with a mini breakdown (which resulted in a much-needed nap).  When I awoke (still insistent to go out and “seize the day”), after a brief walk to the post office in the freezing cold, I realized what I really needed was to hide inside and do more of nothing at all.

The great thing about practicing inactivity indoors is that it’s highly addictive.  The more you rest and relax, the more you want to preserve the slower pace.  The cravings for sugar subside, and your destructive mindset switches to nurturing and nourishing.  Yesterday’s “fixes” no longer feel necessary or urgent (coffee, macarons, carbs…).  As much as I love being out and about running errands, I’m very much looking forward to being shut in a little once bebe arrives.  I have the opposite of cabin fever (too many things forcing me out, when all I want is to stay in).

This winter has been amazing for beauty finds.  The power of makeup, bath products, and hydrating creams can do wonders for your mentale when nordic temperatures have you down.  A few of my favourite discoveries (stay tuned for the spring/summer edition, coming up shortly!)…

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.45.44 PM

Laura Mercier’s spring collection is the perfect transitional range to get you through to sunnier days.

I’m completely in love with their Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Palm Beach (so beautifully pastel – sans shimmer), and find it’s Eyeliner Creme in Graphite counterpart the perfect pairing.  I have yet to wear the two together, but have really enjoyed the liner with pink and nude palettes thus far (check out my Valentine’s day date look and glimpse the above header to see the shades effect).  While it isn’t the easiest to apply (I’ve gotten far too used to using felt-tip pen liquid liners), and needs to be built up for an opaque line, the colour itself is a refreshed version of your classic black.  There are so many perfect pairings I have yet to sample this liner with (think classic red lips and an all-white summer wardrobe – stunning).

I’ve only swatched the Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Copper Sunrise (a true, penny-like hue imitation), but look forward to bronzing my lids this summer with it’s wet-appearing texture.  Wonderful product if you have green eyes like yours truly!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.44.09 PM

Previous to these three new Lotus Aroma products, I had only sampled the line’s foot care line.

What’s to love about this largely unknown range?  It’s local, it uses organic ingredients, and they just created a custom-adjusting BB cream that’s 99.5% natural (the first of it’s kind, btw).  I’ve tested out the facial line for around a month now, and love the textures, botanical scents, and how they don’t aggravate my super-sensitive/acne-prone skin.  A little breakdown…

Youth Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum: while my skin’s primary needs aren’t necessarily wrinkle protection at this point, I’m a big fan of the exfoliating nature of this serum.  While I love my scrubs in the morning, the gentle peel embedded in this concoction doesn’t over-strip my complexion.  With built-in natural AHA, BHA, and Hyaluronic Acid in this formula (and loaded with antioxidants), you’ll notice the difference when you set sights on your face in the mirror the morning after application.

Perfection BB Cream: I’m a big fan of BB cream, but the right shade has always been key for me.  I have incredibly fair skin, and most CC and BB options out there tend to tint my skin unnatural shades of orange (yes, even the ones labelled “light”).  While this hue may still not be the perfect fit, it’s definitely closer (and irrelevant when used under your normal foundation).  With SPF 15, acai berry, avocado, and babassu oils, this correcting and brightening moisturizer doesn’t just cover up – it improves.  Claims to adhere to every skin tone out there, but I’m skeptical of a completely perfect fit every time.

Day-Night Firming Cream: A beautiful intense hydration packed with alpine rose, marine fennel, baobab, mooring, and acai berry oils.  Use day or night (wonderful adhesive for makeup wearers!) on all skin types.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.44.59 PM

This West Indies Soap Revitalizing and Regenerating Body Cream in grapefruit has been the perfect scent to honour the seasonal abundance of winter citrus.  Infused with organic apricot, pomegranate, rose hip, and shea oils and butters, I have this uplifting/energizing scent ready and packed in my hospital bag.  Great if you dislike the lightness of normal lotions and are looking for a versatile body butter hybrid.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.53.31 PM

The Nioxin Scalp Therapy line is meant for individuals with hair loss and thinning follicles (aka postpartum heads).  While I haven’t quite reached that point yet, I have given the line a go a few times now to test out it’s volumizing effects.

What I like?  When I used the shampoo and conditioner, I got away with washing my hair only once that week.

What I didn’t like?  I generally enjoy a bit more moisture in my haircare routine (a la deep conditioning treatments).  This duo needs some extra after-wash oil/serum love to ensure you don’t end up a frizzball.  I haven’t gotten around to the scalp treatment as I don’t yet require it, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted should it perform miracles.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.48.46 PM

From the Olsen twins comes two fragrances that will give any Tom Ford fan a run for their money.  While the White perfume is a tad too floral for me, the Black one fit just right (and happens to drive the man crazy).  Add the sandalwood/violet/vanilla combo to your collection if you usually go for scents like Le Classic by Jean Paul Gaulthier, Code by Armani, or Gucci Rush.  Instant favourite over here (that goes double for the subtle packaging)!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.53.34 PM

Ahava is known the world over for it’s decadent dead sea mineral mixes.  Especially when it comes to hand cream.

This cream and I go way back to my first retail job working at a fragrance shop (we’re talking high school days folks).  I was amazed by the traffic consistently dropping in to pick up the ever-in demand formula.  Loyal patrons swore by it, and truth be told, the store always sold out within a week of attaining their last shipment.  While I tested and tried it in store, I never truly gave it a full run until the company sent me a perfect pairing of my own!

Winter has been harsh, and my hands get dried out quickly when I’m not careful to stop and moisturize.  A blend of witch hazel and allantoin hydrates, heals, and soothes redness effectively.  As for the foot cream, I’ve been quite enjoying the refreshing tingle the active tea tree, aloe vera, avocado, wheat germ, almond, and jojoba oils lend to the mixture.  The texture makes for a rich consistency that stays on without feeling greasy.  I love putting both on before bed with my evening facial routine.  This duo makes for great gift-giving, and chances are the person on the receiving end has already heard of the brand and loved it prior.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.44.34 PM

Oh Caudalie!  So much to love from this line!

Lately the rich and thick Vinoperfect Night Cream has my skin feeling amazing in the morning (this before-bed salve is luxe for parched skin), while the Lip Conditioner remains my go-to balm of the moment (smells lightly of a beeswax/shea blend).  The balm doesn’t build up in a white waxy way, melts into lips, and hydrates gorgeously.  I’ve been wearing it at night, and under lipstick during the day.  The result?  No chapped lips despite the harsh climate.  Caudalie’s Hand and Nail Cream is a bit of a heavier blend (for those who enjoy a heftier dose of hydration), recommended mostly for before bed use (perfect if you’re into the whole cotton mitt treatment technique).  Your hands will love you for it in the morning.

Last but certainly not least is Elixirs & Co. Roll-On Urgences aromatherapy alcohol-based scent.  This remedy is said to have magical powers able to calm you down in emergency situations (think Bach Rescue Remedy).  I haven’t had anything traumatic happen as of yet, so I packed it in my hospital bag for good measure (what better test than giving birth, no?).

Which winter wonders have been keeping your skin glowing this season?  What products are you itching to get your hands on for spring/summer?


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