Searching For Sunshine…

Searching For Sunshine…

Looking for an escape from the very loose routine that I hold.  Dreaming – my state of being.

The sunshine is out, fairytales are ripe for imaginations picking, and my head is high up in the clouds.

So used to everyone always trying to lasso me back down to earth and introduce me to reality, I want to be a helium balloon – far from anchored.

Currently in NYC and looking forward to spending the day with myself.  You know I’ve never been anywhere alone before?  Oh the day I have planned (not spoiling any secrets just yet though…)!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Montreal MIRROR’S Best Of Montreal!!!  This year I was voted in THREE categories which is just bogusly awesome…

Best Dressed Montrealer

Best Local Blog

Best Twitter Feed

So THANK YOUUUU!  When I got the news from scrolling my twitter feed on the bus yesterday I couldn’t stop smiling.  It was just the injection of drive I needed to keep the pendulum swinging.


It’s friday, you are healthy, beautiful and have EVERY opportunity at your fingertips!


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