Snowboard Jamboree Fashion Jam Weekend In Quebec City

Snowboard Jamboree Fashion Jam Weekend In Quebec City

Isn’t it funny how varying our perspectives can be from day to day?  How high our highs can soar, and how equally low they can drag?  Today I feel refreshed (albeit being pretty tired), back to normal, inspired, and motivated when only yesterday I was able to jot this down amidst my frustrations…

“I feel like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.  It seems as though my very expression always lands me in trouble – what I deem to be natural, to feel right, always ends up wrong in actuality to others perspectives (that matter).  I am in a transition that my mind is fighting, albeit eager to embrace.  What seems so clear to others, is completely missed by me.  Pressure from every angle that seems to crush me instead of propel me into motion.  On the brink of going overboard.  Tense.  Frustrated.  So far from where I was only a week ago.  The happy-go-lucky me has vanished, and maybe it needs to en route to getting anywhere I want to be.  If blatant love and honesty is what shapes people, then I am a ball of clay being pulled from every direction.  I know there are all too many of these emotional posts on my blog (my apologies if you’re currently yawning).  I seem to repetitively regurgitate the same feelings time and time again.  Could I be bipolar?  Maybe a bit too sensitive?  Sometimes I feel as though I’ve lost my mind.  Compromise is not the word – it’s as if not giving yourself over entirely is now not even enough.  Maybe I’m the delusional one.  Maybe it’s me who isn’t seeing the clearest picture.  Maybe everything I know isn’t what I ever thought (so far it hasn’t been in many stretches).  What do you do when everything you’re used to is flipped upside down (for the better I’m confident, yet leaves you maneuvering in the dark)?  Even with direction, your instincts are rendered useless.  I guess what I’m saying is that in many arenas of my life, I feel a bit lost – like I’m unable to read the road map (even if I’m going the right direction).  In these circumstances, all you can really do is be yourself, try your best, and leave the rest up to the universe to decide.  At the same time, why give the universe that kind of control?  I know selfless hard work, chance, smart decisions, and persistence are key to gaining what you want, but maybe I’m only just realizing how hard it all really is now.  Maybe it’s finally hit me, as it has so many others so long ago.  Maybe this fork in the road is exactly what I needed to change paths, to regain momentum in a way that doesn’t disappoint (something very difficult to break, pattern-wise).”

“Excuse me if I’m coming off as though I live in a bubble – maybe my problem is that I’ve always been very sheltered and spoiled (equally by my family, friends, and myself).  Maybe I’m only realizing now how difficult life can be (lord knows I have friends who are going through considerable hell in every area of their lives, comparisons that make my concerns look elementary).  How disciplined and willing to sacrifice you have to really be to hold any kind of value at all.  Where friends, lovers, and family have been protective and tender with me all these years, may now be my biggest weakness/downfall.  Can I handle the real world (and if so, what the hell does that even mean)?  Maybe it’s a personality thing.  Can a self-centered (let’s not kid anyone here), overly sensitive character become the opposite?  Can one’s nature be transformed?  Broken down?  Do I have self esteem issues (would that even be a valuable variable for consideration in this abstract equation)?  I didn’t think so, but maybe my entire blog reeks of it as so many have previously suggested/accused.  I’m no psychologist, so assess me as you like.  Doing my own thing, I feel fine.  I feel like me.  Unfortunately, reality does not mean solitude.  It means interactions with others, consideration, temperamental/fragile situations, and people.  Things I don’t seem to be particularly good at in the honourable (and sometimes basic) sense.  I feel as though my every flaw is exposed – completely vulnerable.  I’m not sure I can ever live up to correcting them before they happen – a total contradiction to what I believe in, I know, but the hurt I feel I impose on others disables me completely.  If I can control it, why wouldn’t I try?

Enough of my rambling – just had to get that out (I admit it helps lift some weight off me).”

While I still resonate with all of these words, they seem so much more distant from me today.  Proof that the mind is a dangerous platform, and that it can transform you on a daily basis if you allow it.

Something I really wanted to address in this post, is the student protests against Charest last friday in the old port.  I don’t know if you’ve been following Montreal news, but if you haven’t, Quebec, the province with the cheapest University tuition in Canada, has stood it’s ground in an effort to raise student fees over the course of the next five years ($325 a year, bringing the total sum to $3,800 by the end of it all).

While you may think it makes common sense to protect a cause such as this (preserving the low cost of attaining an education), the protest and revolt itself was disturbingly obnoxious and appalling (and if I’m being completely honest, I find the cause itself to be pretty weak to begin with).  I would call them protestors, but in actuality, they were nothing more than a bunch of ungrateful and uneducated idiots shouting obscenities, showing incomprehensible disrespect to the police force, and making general asses of themselves (I refuse to even believe the majority of them were even students at all – if so, then maybe they should seriously consider dishing out the extra cash in hopes for a better education).  Behaviour such as they displayed enraged me.  I’ve watched a few video newscaps now (including anonymous footage shot by the Palais des Congres intruders), and refuse to even wrap my mind around the useless violence and embarassingly failed attempt of getting the government to come to any form of agreement.  While I understand that it is everyone’s right to stand for or against something, the way you conduct yourself in these circumstances will determine how far you get with your point/belief actually forming into any kind of action.  I applaud Charest for refusing to negotiate with this barbaric group (while making light of it with his public jokes) – why should anyone respond to bullying and bad behaviour?

The fact that they drag police brutality into all of this, is ridiculous.  Yes, people have been getting beaten up.  Ever consider that they were doing something stupid enough to warrant it?  I don’t know if it’s a generation thing, but the way I was raised, you show officers respect.  When you don’t, you accept the consequences.  I know corruption and unfair power hungry people exist, especially in positions like the forces, but in this instance, they were clearly only standing their ground in protection of the attendees inside Palais des Congres.  When you’re throwing rocks and street signs at another human being, clearly outnumbering those on site, what do you expect them to do?  It is their right and JOB to protect themselves and others from the careless angst of others who have clearly lost their minds.  The worst thing is that innocent bystanders are getting hurt (not cool).

Want to make a difference?

Act in a way that the government can respond to.  Write letters, project yourself professionally instead of stripping your credibility away with worthless and destructive nonsense.  Seriously, get your shit together and understand what you’ve already been so lucky to enjoy and use to your benefit all these years (and still will for a fraction of the price everyone else has to pay).

Prices that aren’t accessible to students and their lifestyle?  Please.  It’s hard for everyone out there.  Get a second job, share an apartment – do what you have to to get by.  I remember days where in order to pay for my tuition and projects, I had a $2 budget to eat.  I’ve worked 9am to 5pm at internships, having to immediately go to work at a supper club from 6pm to 5am right after.  Night, after night, after night (and then I’d get up and do it all over again).  You hustle hard to make ends meet, or you take out a loan.  The fact that these protestors have nowhere better to be is proof that maybe their priorities aren’t particularly well enough aligned.  Plain and simple.  I can only imagine the upgrades the University systems will be able to allow in due time with the added budget.  Why isn’t anyone else thinking long term?  Montreal is going bankrupt, and we are allowing it to happen by our own hands.

Now on an entirely different note altogether (and in light of the turn of chilly weather events as of late), it’s time to bring you on a visual trip to Quebec City, where I was lucky enough to be whisked away for the weekend in light of the Snowboard Jamboree Fashion Jam.

Never heard of it?

Every year, snowboarders from around the world come to compete against one another on different platforms before varying public and televised audiences.  To finish off the entire event (which lasts a whole week), varying urban and boarder fashion brands are invited to showcase their clothing and accessories before an enormous crowd, on a gorgeous, full-blown runway (and entertaining it was)!  Not only was I spoiled enough to have enjoyed the business class trip up and back through Via Rail (gorgeous meals, drink, and hospitality included – I swear I’ve never had better service), but my beautiful room at the Hilton was prepped and polished every time I stepped out (not hard to feel pampered when chocolates and gifts keep reappearing on your bed)!  There were about six of us who made the trip up from montreal, and how well we were looked after was monumental.  I don’t mean to gush, but full course salmon lunches, a well-oiled schedule (including full exclusive access behind the scenes and with the designers/reps of the brands themselves), and some liberty time to explore the city on our own terms made the weekend a beautiful little dip out of the city.  If you’ve never made it around to Quebec, the scenery is much like the old port here in Montreal, and the cafes, restaurants, and winding little maze-like streets and alleys, are positively romantic.

Of course, when in Rome… pile on the coffee and chocolate croissants right?!

Stumbling upon a little cafe called Le Hobbit – serving late brunch (with a comfortably rustic feel to the place), I inhaled my eggs, homemade hash browns (I’m getting hungry even as I write this), more coffee, and a generous serving of bacon (I think I could be considered fully addicted to the stuff, on a dangerous level by now).  Such good eats – if only I was in town long enough to try so many of the other titillating places I passed!

This guy totally beats out the use for a smart car…

(What I’m Wearing – Rudsak coat, beret I picked up in a local shop (it was positively freezing that day), Mia Limited Edition leather boots, Vince pants, Forever 21 sweater)

Now you see it…

… now you don’t!

Love this video recap – I must say that although this fashion show is said to be the largest urban one of it’s kind in Canada, with or without the title, it truly impressed and inspired me (huuuge production!).  Having always had a major soft spot for skateresque brands (if you can believe it, I used to be quite the tomboy – boat shoes and all), it was a youthful reunion on my part to experience the fresh and untouched attitude of the clothing lines and collections shown.  I love how lifestyle they all are as opposed to trend and innovation driven – there is something so sexy and understated about the accessibility and cuts of the designs, like you can simply throw them on, smudge some liner on your lids, and head off to the beach.  Loved favourites such as WeSC, American Apparel, Vans, Volcom, Uranium, Ripcurl, Roxy, DC (who debuted their new feminine logo for women), and Quicksilver (to name only a few), showcased their current and spring/summer 2012 collections alongside some newer, highly impressive startup brands.

 The entire show lasted over an hour (thank god I was elevated and able to sit down on the photographers side podium), and was a blast to watch (nonstop action, great lighting changes, even a heartfelt movie from Uranium followed up by their entire team sending beautifully wrapped gift boxes soaring out into the crowd).  All in all, I had an amazing time, a memorable weekend escape, and met some lovely people in the process of it all.  I would love to go back every year should my schedule permit – definitely a great retreat option for those who need a break but don’t want to go too far for a change of scenery – fashion lovers will adore the aligned festivities!

A few of the props for the runway show backstage… Simba?  Is that you?…

… you bet I got my hands on the floss!

Awesome candles…

… awesome business card idea – mousetraps!

Happy Monday lovelies – wishing you a beautiful start to the week!



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