Sponsored Post – Very Jumpsuits

Sponsored Post – Very Jumpsuits

I know I seem to say this constantly, but I’m currently at the start of a huge transition with my work (hence the outstanding gap in posts for way too long – something I have to stop).  So many things that I can finally begin to materialize (so many things that had to wait for such a long time), all now ready for the grabbing right in front of me.

Sometimes it takes a while to get to the place you need to be to pursue a goal (or several all at once).  It takes breaking down the expectations held of yourself, seeing through the misleading images that guide most down lingering and never ending paths, and maintaining stamina.  It also takes good influence (not necessary, but invaluable to making what you’re after a little lighter) either surrounding you, or in the very least dipping into your life here and there to push you on.  It’s fine and dandy to watch an inspiring movie, make hopeful promises and say you’re going to be that “it” person you’ve always dreamed of – but it’s an entirely other thing in itself to become it.  Things don’t just happen.  People sacrifice and trade certain luxuries for others all the time.  I am guilty of being one of those “I will” persons.  Constantly knowing what I need to do to get where I want, and always feeling like I fall short due to comforts trappings.

I was in New York this past weekend, and a lot became clearer.  Where I want to go, what I want to do, what kind of lifestyle I will have to have to get there, and how perseverance, slowing down, better decision making/project-taking, shutting in a little more, and alternative professional thinking and strategy will become my focus’.  I had my cards read while there, and while I don’t want to divulge much of what she currently see’s or predicted, one of the main thing she warned me of, was opening my mouth too much.  It was a sad realization that most people really don’t want the best for you – if anything it seems to be quite the contrary.  Even the best people want what’s yours, and can become envious of the varying riches you’ve worked hard to accumulate and enjoy (and I’m not just talking material and lifestyle – this stands for love, health, family, physicality, etc…).  What she said really resonated with me (even though I had heard it all before), and it made me value the privacy others prioritize in their lives.  This may sound superstitious, but many cultures believe in the evil eye, and how others can “mark” you with a glance… how their reaction to who you are, what you say, and what you share can bring bad luck to your life.  I wouldn’t say I live by this rule, but I definitely feel as though at times peoples negative energy can enter your life and attempt to destroy or make your zen harder to reach.  As far as I see it, most things worth pursuing are quite a bit of effort, and I hate thinking that others are making it that much harder with a mere “look”.

So how do you balance the private with the public?  What do you choose to be either?  My blog will forever be a personal recount, and while I’ve always tried to be professional and political even in my rants and “lost girl” texts, how do I progress from this point onward?  Do I hold back on certain things?  Is trying to hide from these things pointless (especially on the internet with such a broad audience as far as reactions go)?  I guess I’m still trying to find my footing with many things, but this is the year of the “I did’s”, and not the “I wills”.

On a completely different note, I was in NYC.  I went shopping.  Big time.  So many great shops to explore and find.  So much selection in the stores that hold the collections I’ve already grown to know and love.  Two great arty shirts from the All Saints store in Meatpacking, one pair of incredibly brand new Alexander Wang whipstitch sandal beauties from Tokio 7 in the East Village (also where I stayed – adore the ambiance of the area), a nude pair of patent Louboutin Pigalles from the Bergdorf shoe lounge, American Apparel white tee essentials, cappuccinos and Neroli Portofino eau de parfum at the Madison Tom Ford store, alongside an unsuccessful hunt for the previously found Chanel purse of my dreams.

Such an abundance of incredible fashion.  I feel much more like myself when I’m in New York (hate to say it).  Aesthetic liberation just the way I like it.

I’ve been adjusting my new hair to my wardrobe (something that always has me in a bit of a slump until right before I seem to change it all over again), and am realizing that everything 60’s/70’s, brooding artist, and minimal seems to be my best bet.  I hate when too much is going on in an outfit/beauty look, and am more the kind of gal to choose detail over the blatantly obvious.  Heck, I just got my hair pink, and now I want to dye it back to brown…

In my quest for fitting ensembles, I’ve always been a huge fan of the jumpsuit.  The same way I love dresses (if only for the simplicity that comes with taking just one item out of your closet to get dressed in the morning), the one piece allows you to feel polished and stylish without the fuss of mixing and matching (something I’m really not good at to begin with anyways).  The summer always has me envisioning jersey draped deep v-neck swanky numbers (think Gucci), perfect for a drink at a lounge on a humid night.  Of course the shorter pinup looks with polka dots and gingham prints are forever favourites (paired with a wicked red lip).  While I love getting mine at Forever 21 (my long torso actually seems to fit in them properly without me having to try them on), there are so many online sources carrying a plethora of colours, styles and prints (Asos being a personal favourite).  Always a hit with celebrities and models of the moment (have you seen the tuxedo YSL ones?  *le sigh*), the jump/playsuit has become a fashion identity in itself (think all black catwoman leather – the same look latex creators consistently mimic).

Another online fashion retailer that offers a feast of jumpsuit fashion is Very (the pictures in this post are all courtesy of the site), a United Kingdom-based online shop that carries a variety of styles, brands, and sizes for both women and girls (for all you petites out there).  Check out their runway videos posted alongside the catalogued looks for a real feel of how the fabric moves (either walking, or dancing you sly sassy…).  I can’t wait for the warmer weather to return to sport the off the body styles in flowy fabrics – nothing more airy when it’s sticky out!

Isn’t this G Star one divine?

 New York City adventure posts to come all this week – feels so good to be back in the 514!


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