Stork & Babe Maternity Wear Obsessed

Stork & Babe Maternity Wear Obsessed

After having coffee yesterday with a friend (had to get my Starbucks eggnog latte fix), walking home I peeked in on the new Thyme store stock.  Besides there being a mass amount of new selection, the sales were just crazy.  Tonight, while the man attends a group Christmas party, I’ll be spending my evening raiding the store for steals and fabulous new finds (I think I may be addicted).


The thing is, I scoured the store last week for my first maternity shopping experience.  While it was not what I originally expected (bumps bring on a slew of new change-room surprises), I was delighted to leave with three great pieces from the Stork & Babe line which I’ve been wearing since.  I scored skinnies with faux leather equestrian inserts, a side zip turtleneck (seen above, and from the regular line), the perfect little black dress, and an oversized gorgeous top that I equally can’t wait to rock after baby boy is born.  With the initial frustration that comes with getting used to the challenge of dressing a new figure, everything I tried at first was rejected out of impatience.  After getting to know my new size, and the styles I weren’t particularly partial to, I finally got into the groove of what worked effortlessly for both my personal style and figure.  When I got there, magic happened.

All the discomfort that comes with putting on or losing weight, and not feeling like your wardrobe is fitted to you disappeared.  I honestly started feeling more like myself again.  Taken care of.  Cozy and confident at the same time.  It was an awesome epiphany that is sure to trigger another great experience this shopping time around.  It made me realize how incredibly lucky I am as a new-mom-to-be to be provided the privilege of fashionable maternity clothing.  Preparing for a firstborn financially can be trying, and I completely understand why many women prefer to stick it out in leggings and oversized shirts the full term to save money for the many essentials needed before little one arrives.  Comfortable clothing does make a huge difference though.  All the difference.  If you know someone who is pregnant and are looking for a holiday gift for them, don’t undermine the appreciation that will be received if you choose to pick up something for them to wear as opposed to bebe!


Tonight I will be focusing my attention in on sleepwear essentials, nursing tops, and maybe even a new skirt or wrap dress.  My main focus now being preparing for simple and fuss-free breastfeeding, I hope to find some great staples to make my hospital experience one of ease.  Which brings me to my hospital bag – my next organization project!  Step by step we’re getting set up and using the time we have left to feel more and more prepared every day.

Can’t wait to share the remainder of my finds in the coming weeks (expect some new 514 Outfit Posts)!


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