Summer Beauty Review – What I’m Using

Summer Beauty Review – What I’m Using

In summer the beauty rules always switch up on you… usually in my case becoming lighter and induced with a generous helping of scrubs and acne blasters to beat the humidity.  This season however, I seem to be in the middle of a skin transition.  With an increasingly busy lifestyle, stress coming at me from all angles (that I’m doing pretty good at steering clear of these days for the most part), and the fact that I ain’t getting any younger – I’ve been quickly gravitating towards firming formulas, vitamin c natural lightening serums and healing/hydrating remedies.  Mixed and added into my normal routine for problem skin (sensitive, blemish-prone, redness cursed), it’s proving to work as a complimentary option for the usual resulting dryness!  As you may or may not have already known, as much as I am an experimenter of sorts when it comes to beauty concoctions, the Erno Laszlo line already has my heart in it’s entirety.  Not only are the products a pleasure to use as far as scent, texture and results are concerned – they last!  Definitely on the luxurious side ($40 for a soap, and up to $550 for their priciest cream), the upfront investment can be a bit overwhelming.  I assure you however, a month in you will see dramatic results that have always justified the price tag in my minds eye.  It’s the kind of thing that can be duplicated but never fully replaced… y’know?  A cream is a cream at the end of the day, but my skin tone gets better and better the more I stick to Laszlo.

That being said, the two moisturizers I’m tripping over at the moment are their pHormula 3-9 and Firmarine SPF 30.  Both rich in ingredients but light when it comes to your skin absorbing the product.

Their claims to fame?  Read on cowboy…

The packaging is also just too cool for school.  The cream itself is a very light blue and lends a bit of a fresh tingle when you slather it on.  The fact that there is SPF included makes for one less step in my morning beauty routine (SPF creams aren’t recommended for evening alternatives as they don’t allow your skin to breathe as much as other hydrators would).  Love, love, love.  As for noticing a difference in firmness, well my skin isn’t quite saggy yet… BUT you know at the end of the day when you’re completely exhausted and your face wilts just as a flower would without water?  Yeah, that doesn’t happen.  I slap more on for those days I know will be never ending (and if it weren’t for my bloodshot eyes giving it all away, no one would ever know).  Price $195, available at specialty stores (Holt Renfrew here in the 514).

On an entirely different note, is it absolutely horrible that in this sweltering heat I am all about the heaviest perfume known to man?  Chanel No. 5 is my summer smell.

The pHormula 3-9 I keep almost as an intensive repair cream for when my skin really needs rejuvenating.  Made especially for dry spots, sunned skin and post surgical scars, this is a healing remedy.  I use it at night when I’ve gone a bit overboard with acne treatments or DIY extraction facials that I really shouldn’t be admitting to (beauty shame).  I’ve used it after days out in the sun, and can only imagine the wonders it will work in the cooler months (especially on the ski slopes amid the harsh winds).  Initially wanting to try it to see why so many A-listers rant/rave about it (while using it religiously), and also incredibly intrigued as to the effectiveness such an expensive purchase could lend (the smaller format is $195, but the larger a whopping $550!) – I was pleasantly surprised to find a cream like this that did not provoke breakouts.  I have honed this my version of Creme de la Mer…

I am absolutely OBSESSED with serums.  I believe that they will be what saves my skin long term.  First up, as my skin is so complicated and sensitive to what I feed it – it’s great to be able to layer products, and really customize a routine on a daily basis according to my needs.  Montreal has a crazy climate; humidity and some of the hottest days during the summer, with intense chills in the winter.  It is said to have the most extreme temperature changes in the entire world, so you can count on it messing with your complexion!  From vitamin c to fade scars, blemish serums to treat breakouts before they happen, and anti-oxidizing formulas that lend a bit of a detox to all the makeup and pollution you expose your body to – serums are like undercover face mask treatments that carry with you all day long.  If you haven’t already adopted a few – get on that!

The trick to not overdoing it will all this stuff prematurely, is allowing days for your skin to breathe with nothing on.  You don’t want it to become dependant on anything and stop naturally working for you.  Dr. Haushka products (for example) thrive on leaving skin bare to rebalance by itself – something I’ve always remembered and applied to my beauty routine regardless of what I’m using.

I originally got this shave cream for the babe, but I think I’ve been using it more than he has!  I’m usually a soap and water gal, so this is a posh and creamy step up from bar soap.  It smells like plants.  I like.

To shave my beard of course…

I’ve been using a number of things on my processed hair lately in multiple efforts to revive it from the dead… this is the one I keep in my bag and bring everywhere I go for bathroom touchups (I got the sample size).  I adore Aveda products and the two salons I go to in Montreal both carry their lines.  Whatever hair colour you see on me – it’s Aveda!  I love what the company stands for, and the scents when it comes to their shampoos and conditioners (rosemary mint anyone?) are just divine.  My hair has been eating this leave-in conditioner for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photo by Amanda de Cadenet

Just got these Marcelle beauts in the mail yesterday!  I took them for a test drive today and LOVED that they kept my makeup from melting off my face in todays heat.  Vitamin c always being a favourite, these gel/lotion hybrids are firming, oil absorbing AND mattifying (win, win, win, win, win)!  I’ll let you know how the foundation goes in due time…

Photo by Amanda de Cadenet

I gots a whole bunch of new Annabelle loot too!!!  Going a bit crazy with all the amazingly opaque new colours (between their Smoothie cream eyeshadow pencils, new Studio liquid cream liner, and their 4Show eyeshadow palettes – I don’t have enough eyeballs to go round)!  Keep your eyes peeled on my fb fanpage – I will be posting links to some new Annabelle posts soon.

So much starting to go on in the next few months… Festival Mode & Design, fashion weeks in the 514, New York and Paris… new interns, a three day romp at Osheaga… and mucho preparation and work in between!

Tomorrow lunch with my mama, potential boating with my pops and bro (with his wife-to-be) and permit test (if I have additional time to run in and take the exam)!

What about you?  What beauty loves have you stumbled on this season (or have never let go of)?


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