Table by Nicolina Servello & Jami Liverman

Table by Nicolina Servello & Jami Liverman

Lately I am feeling less and less like a so called “fashion blogger” (I always thought it was funny how I am repeatedly tagged as that regardless of my lack of fashion-related content), and more and more like a foodie in denial… lol… amazing food is popping up all around me in all it’s glory (lucky moi right?!?).

Well, two thursdays ago (yes, I am fully aware that it takes me forever to “report” current events – emotionally impulsive posts always seem to take priority alongside other work-related ventures when it comes to this sort of thing), I was invited to attend a marvelous new tradition commencing in Montreal by the likes of the invincibly fresh catering duo Nicolina Servello and Jami Liverman.  Now Nicolina I have known for about a year now (crazy how time flies), having met her through my ventures with the notorious Maddy K and the annual Bridal Boudoir Affair.  Since the moment I was welcomed into her beautiful home to sit down and experience a taste of the long lost tradition of snacking and tasting amongst incredible company (and not only on special occasions – as a lifestyle practice via dinnerparties and effortlessly chic assortments), I knew I loved everything this chick stood for.  Passionately wrapping me up into her world of homemade charcuteries, wine tastings, flavoured nuts, poached fruits, herbed oils, fine cheeses and specialty liquers via conversation (and a live platter beautifully displayed comfortably beside her couch), I was seduced by her love for what she does.  Aside from being a totally kickass lady with driving ambition, she is supremely talented in the medium of blending unexpected tastes and textures, ambiance and companionship to delight every sense you possess.

Naturally when she invited me to her soiree, I jumped at the chance (Nicolina is my favourite caterer in Montreal to date – if I ever get married or throw a wicked party, guess who I’ll be calling?).  Having sampled her simplistic fresh-ingredient bars at previous events (mozzarella di bufala, local tomatoes as red as a pinup’s lipstick, and the scent of fresh basil that lead you there initially), snacked on her homemade nut concoctions (they were one of the auction prizes at my F514 event – lucky winner), and bonded with the fact that she directly imports some of the rarest (and highest quality) ingredients directly from Europe (not to mention her use of organic meats), it was a total no-brainer tossup.  Teaming up with the amazing patisserie and desert master Jami Liverman (well known for bringing some of your favourite deserts to life at Le Maitre Chocolatier), the wavelength these two culinary creators share bring to life some of the most insatiable eats perfected by the art of minimalistic pairings.

A little lookey lookey at the nights tantalising menu…


Concord Grape Cosmopolitan

(that went down like a dream… buttering me up for conversation throughout the night)



Tomato, Bufala and Proscuitto on Country Crust

paired with

Tedeschi Valpolicella Superiore Classico Veneto, Italia

(this is about as good as it gets folks… fresh ingredients to make you feel like your tastebuds were in the Tuscan countryside itself)



Lobster Parpadelle with Poppyseed Creme Fraiche

paired with

Fume Blanc Errazuriz Casablanca Aconcagua, Chile

(my GOD was this course INSANE!  Generous helpings of lobster bits and a creamy sauce that had been marinating in the lobster shells made for absolute pasta PERFECTION!  I actually text-freaked when I ate this course and sent Nicolina love notes alongside Maddy ;))



Arugula and Lemon Granita

(you’d think this would taste strange, but it was total awesomeness – loved the sweetness and that it was a shot of antioxidants all in one!)



Truffle Salt Seared Bavette with Crisp Corn Polenta and Buttered Asparagus

paired with

Santa Christina Antinori Sangiovese Toscana, Italia

(Like butter in my mouth.  Polenta kicked ass with a hashbrown crispiness that made me swear I was eating potatoes)



Brownie Sundae with Salted Caramel

paired with

Nivole Michele Chiarlo Moscato d’Asti Piemonte, Italia

(Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom… how’s THAT for a serious food critique?  If you`re one for sweet and salty, then this one was for you!)

Going beyond the array of tastes confined to the dinnertable, the ambiance was INCREDIBLE!  Hosted by the fine folks at the gorgeous Rialto Theatre on Parc, it was like stepping back in time (letting your imagination run wild with wonder as to what went down here in the past proves easier to do than you may think).  Sitting at a thirty-something guest table (of young and experienced professionals alike) adorned with candlabras, red roses and all the trimmings (center stage mind you), listening to Prince and early Janet Jackson only made for the perfect cherry on top.  I can honest to goodness say that the entire time I was there, I was pinching myself feeling like the luckiest girl in the world (and hoping it wasn`t all just a dream).

One of the most memorable parts of my evening was getting to chat up a retired biologist.  Of course she had a very impressionable specification, but hey, I ain`t no rocket scientist when it comes to matters of retaining important information (yikes… did I just say that out loud?)… tee hee!  Through her, I’ve realized that I really don’t get along with too many people my age.  I always feel most comfortable around more established, responsible individuals who I really look up to and admire.  It’s not that young people don’t have their shit together, it’s more that I look to emulate and learn from others – and who better to take from than someone whose already made it?  I am already the clueless youngster trying to do something with herself, I need more strong, self-asserted females in my life as friends (over the age of forty – haha… but seriously…).

I love this dude.  Total sweetheart.

Of course you didn’t think I’d leave you without some backstage/behind the scenes sneak peeks did you?  While the bavette was in the works I skipped off to the kitchen to snap up some shots… don’t you love restaurant kitchens?  Reminds me of so many of my previous jobs (you gotta admire chefs – some of the hardest working peeps in the city, crazy stress for the sake of your pleasure).

Miss Nicolina getting gangsta.

This cake was mind-blowing.  MIND-BLOWING!

It reminded me completely of a denser version of my moms lemon pound cake (a very British tratition)… a subtle vanilla flavour reminiscent of almonds in fortune cookies or the sweetness in arrow root tea biscuits (my faves… could eat them for days).  Donned the “naked” cake, don’t be surprised if this bare beauty shows up at one of the upcoming weddings you’ve been invited to this season.  A refreshing alternative to the traditional overdone gateaux that is sure to get it’s fair share of recognition in due time – it more than caught my attention!

Jami’s delectable white and classic chocolate brownies… YUM!

Happy birthday!

Want to attend one of these soirees?  Stay updated on the Table fb page for upcoming notifications and invites!

Bon Appetit!


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