The Biggest Canadian Catwalk – LaSalle College Signature 2012 Fashion Show

The Biggest Canadian Catwalk – LaSalle College Signature 2012 Fashion Show

This week is LaSalle College/fresh fashion week!

On Tuesday night I animated the interviews and presented one of the marketing graduate groups at L’Entreprise 2012 alongside Camille Dg, this Sunday the design graduates will flaunt their talent at Signature 2012 – the largest standing Canadian fashion runway show, held at the Olympic Stadium.  It has been an overflow of memories seeing the familiar administrative faces, and excited/hardworking students at these events – so much of myself I see in all of them.  Having graduated from LaSalle (an international private trade school) in 2007 from the fashion design program (my how time flies), so much of my own experience floods back into my memory when watching (now as an outsider) the process of their  presentations.  Visiting friends, seeing where they are now (or even just hearing about them making their mark internationally), it’s neat to see the people you grew and learnt with playing such a huge part in the fashion world.  So many incredible success stories – so many amazing visions that actually realize (if only we all knew really how hard that is).  I am proud to be an alumni, proud to have had the experience I did while I was there (for better or worse), and proud that everything I got from it helped me inch steps closer to where I am now, and where I’ll be going.

With the inimitable Denis Gagnon (leather-worker, zipper-moulder, fringe-dipper supreme) signed on as the shows official ambassador, the students will have some sky-high expectations to live up to this weekend!  A former student himself, Denis admits that the tools and preparation needed to survive in this industry come both in the realization of your skills/talent, resources, motivation, and knowledge of it’s market and buyers themselves.  As someone who still makes many of his creations (if not all) by hand himself, it’s easy to understand the gift he’s crafted through his studies in pattern making, draping, and sewing.  Essentially, it’s a business that needs to be pruned, honed, and mastered – nurtured and driven on by an unfaltering persistence and passion.  He credits much of his success from student to widely accepted/loved/known designer to LaSalle… everyone starts somewhere!

Fully organized by the graduating students (I remember I was the choreography head – in charge of model castings, lineups, and footings), this will be the productions twenty third successful year presenting their students for the whole world to see.  Given themes throughout the course of the year, the students develop their designs, create them fully by hand, and follow through with every creative default through majority committee votes.

The result?

 Two public shows, one hundred and thirty eight finishing students from over ten different countries, twenty varying scenes, three hundred and fifty designed outfits, ninety models (men, women and children), and over five thousand spectators alone just last year (wow)!

Want to check it out and come hang out with me while I tweet live from the event?

There are two shows this Sunday (May 6th, 2012) held at the Olympic Stadium here in the 514:

4pm & 7:30pm

(I’ll be at the earlier one giving sneak peeks of what’s to come for the evening guests)

You can buy your tickets here.

See you there!


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