The Blonds SS13 Backstage Beauty & Links I Love

The Blonds SS13 Backstage Beauty & Links I Love

Just got my interview back from the Blonds, and am completely smitten with their philosophy and spirit.  I will have a fun time writing my article about them once I get back from my holiday celebrations!  As soon as the feature has been published, I promise to share the original Q&A interview here (I warn you though, you’ll have to wait until Feb!  My Valentine’s gift to you all…).

the blonds edit beauty

The past two weeks I’ve been an absolute night owl.  Sleeping until the late afternoon, and working until 8/9am has suited me well.  I don’t know why, but I’m ridiculously more productive when the world shuts off (I guess it really isn’t that hard to figure out).  It’s like my biological clock has programmed me to be most alert by the time most hit the hay.    It always makes me wonder who else is out there doing the same thing… who quietly goes about their days in the darkness.  I’ve read that it’s a writer thing.  Must be absolute hell for the professional who happens to also be a nine to fiver.

backstage at the blonds ss13

I’m writing you from Toronto, where I’m visiting with my future mom-in-law and enjoying some time together with my man.  We came on Christmas day after celebrating Christmas Eve with my brother and dad the night before.  This holiday has possibly been the most peaceful and serene yet – beautiful food, great company (although I missed my mom who hasn’t been too well as of late), and minimal stress/work.  It’s truly been a rejuvenation period of rest, and focus on the essentials.  I’ve taken new obsessions to Calvin Klein underwear (the boxing day sales were just phenomenal), $7 jean steals, the Celine black Phantom bag (oh god it’s divine), organic markets/beauty finds, and having no place in particular to go.  This year will be the jumpstart of a lot of different things on my list.  Big changes in preparation for more satisfaction and growth.  Standing still will teach you as much as when you’re running (possibly more) – this is it!  Other than love, family, home, food, travel, work, health, and learning, there really isn’t much more to a fulfilling life!  We set out like scavengers buying, bringing back, competing, and preparing for moments that mean little to what we already have.  While I’m generally all for the “prepare for the worst” frame of mind, sometimes you have to tap into the positive and realize that you have much more than you’ve been giving yourself credit for all along.

In the next few posts, not only will I look back on my last year as a form of reflection, but I will put forward my goals and practices for the new year.  I’m proud to say that many of them already have a bit of a head start, so they will not be cold starts – merely improved integrations to my already developing life.  This past year I’ve learned more about life than I have in possibly my whole stay on this earth.  From consideration of others, to the importance of getting priorities right.  The changes have been significant, and for the better.  If nothing else, I can only say thank you to the universe and everyone in mine for the beauty of everything I’m constantly being given.  This year, I want to give back with my efforts, heart, and creativity.  Less fluff, more stuff.

backstage beauty at the blonds ss13 show

  • Why thinking positively isn’t always the answer…
  • Daily reminders to indulge – cause let’s face it, life is short.
  • Thank god all this end of the world talk is over.  You can of course, apply it to changing your life and starting anew (a great read if you’re prepping your resolutions for the new year)!
  • Want to enhance your blog and Pinterest feeds?  The Recite site turns your quotes, sayings, and insights into gorgeous typographically stimulating images.

beauty and the blonds

hair backstage at the blonds ss13

jewelled eyebrows

the blonds beauty ss13

The blonds ss13 backstage beauty mac

the blonds ss13 CND caviar nails

the blonds ss13 mac makeup

I loved the backstage action the Moroccanoil team allowed me during last season’s fashion week.  Milk was jam packed with incredible characters, larger than life editors, and beauty to go round.  Mr. Antonio Calero made these incredible sci-fi headpieces for the Blonds spring show, and CND perfected the art of originality in nails.  Of course the MAC makeup was to die for (probably my favourite trend of the new season in beauty), bringing back a Bardot approach to classicism in the simplicity of the everyday ritual.  I love that their senior makeup artist also had an uncanny resemblance to Sir Paul McCartney (his orange print shirt only helped with the 60’s association)!

May this post also demonstrate how naturally gorgeous professional models actually are… many of the above shots were taken before the ladies sat down in the makeup chair.  They always inspire me to drink more water and look after myself.  Don’t believe the rumours that it’s always photoshop – these raw film shots are unedited, and I think, perfect.

The blonds ss13 nails

I hope your holidays have been everything you’ve dreamt them to be.  The new year will be such a refreshing way to start afresh – what’s your plan?


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