The First Real Days Of Summer

The First Real Days Of Summer

I know no amount of justification can excuse the lack of postings this past month (I’m sorry!).

 The truth is, a mix of writers block wrapped in with reality demands have been sucking my time and expression down the drain.  It’s almost as if past a certain point, everything just builds up inside me to the point of congestion (I’m talking emotionally/thought-wise… nothing to do with literal constipation you toilet humoured gutter mind…).  The free-flow stops, and I’m stuck with the stagnant toxicity (okay, I know I’m not making it easy for you to not think the latter).  On a different note, I can’t help but assume the similarity of my posts becoming something of a bore to readers.  In the effort to offer more – content-wise, I just end up in a collapsing mind crunch.

It’s almost as if writing what I feel is no longer enough (satisfaction-wise).  I need more.

I need information to back it up, to research, to dive into.  I need time away from the logistics that come with owning a small business (that if anything I need to be focusing on even more).  Surface writing as I call it (aka spinning already well known facts into eye catching punchlines and article titles) is great, but it’s intrigue from a writers perspective definitely has it’s expiration date.  While I love the commercial side of writing (and owe much of my career to it), I’m in the mood for a walk on the creative side.  A different angle soaked with personal fulfillment.  I need to start that book I’ve been dreaming of – dig deep into 514 archives and re-write history based on the incredible facts I prod out.  Use my spare time for painting, ink drawings, and writing, writing, writing…

I feel exhausted though.

 As lame of an excuse as that may be (I mean who isn’t tired these days?), I find myself feeling used up and spit out by the end of the day (no matter how enjoyable or carefree).  So how does one jump from making themselves a million promises of productivity and development, to actually putting those wheels in motion and doing them (yes, I’m fully aware of the many times I’ve vowed to incorporate x, y, and z into my lifestyle with minor avail)?

(Nine West lace espadrille wedges)

Could it be I’m just getting old?

I just rang in my 27th birthday this past weekend (I prefer to refer to my new age as 2.7 – sounds more like an upgrade as opposed to years piling up), and need to figure out how I’ll get past this energy roadblock sans massive amounts of caffeine and sugar in the future (aka now).  Does it have to do with arranging my schedule to focus in on only a few tasks a day?  Are we all truly incapable of maintaining a perfect balance in life?  Have we accelerated to the point where making ourselves sick from speed is the new norm?  It seems that my slow down is ever more noticeable against the grain of fast-paced deadlines and requests of today’s modern world.  Maybe I’m just taking the time to be more thorough with everything I now take on… I don’t know.  Either way, my time is being eaten up mercilessly, and the days continue to fly by faster than I can recount them.

So what have I been up to?

Waiting on a mortgage!  I found my dream place and am ready to move in… just waiting proactively and patiently for everything to materialize and work itself out.  Please send me positive energy – this is something huge in my life that I am beyond thrilled about!  I am still waiting on an official okay regarding a summer-long project with a publication… details to come!

Checked out Moby’s C2-Mtl after party, styled a personalized look for Reitman’s fall/winter 2012 collection (more pics to come), and sampled some of Sherbrooke West’s best on an all day excursion with fellow 514 media (more to come on that as well – stay tuned!).  Had a mini b-day party on the roof; BBQ’ing and sipping mojitos all day in the sun while downing some of the most delicious cake I’ve ever experienced (in the form of an incredible Chanel purse, perfected with a bourbon vanilla filling by Sugar Rush creations)… and there is a new love in my life!

It’s safe to say I’m at a very happy place right now, and that things are going to get very busy for me, very fast.  I’m looking nothing but forward to every advance.

Baby Piccolo is growing up so fast (my little girl!)

(Shan polka dot bandeau bikini top, Tiffany’s bow earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunnies)

Isn’t it spectacular?

If you can believe, it tastes even better than it looks…

Time for some shut-eye, more to come demain (I promise)!


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