The MMVA Pre-Party (Part 2)!!!

The MMVA Pre-Party (Part 2)!!!

So this post has been a loooooong time in the making, and for that I apologize… I have been a total neglectful blog mother as of late!  Honestly, I didn’t realize just how an intense amount of excitement can really run you down!  I feel like I have been recouping from the MMVA’s for over a week now!!!

SO much excitement, SO much hype, SO much adrenaline pumping through me the entire time… SO many wonderful stories to tell you all!!!

Let’s get on with it… I gotta dish the details!

So I left the morning of (Sunday) and flew to the T dot via West Jet while my dedicated and trooper interns stuck it out for 10 long hours on the bus (and before you think I’m a spoiled brat, which I am thank you very much… I stuck it out 30 hours on a bus once – so I KNOW how killer a cracked out bus trip can be)!  For the record, if I wasn’t being flown out by Annabelle to cover the awards I would be right there with them and damn proud of it!

It was very cool nonetheless to experience my first time in the T dot jet-setting in style (I felt so very corporate)!

Security check was loads of fun.  With an intense fear that my baggage would get lost (it has happened before) and I would be held responsible for a $5,000 plus dress (that has to make an appearance in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this October), I packed a fully zipper (fully METAL) dress in my carry-on.  Would you believe my carry-on was heavier than my actual suitcase?

The guards turned out to be a lot of fun though, it seems I caused quite some commotion when I explained I would actually be wearing it… this quickly turned into most of the officers from other conveyor belt lines being called over to “check it out”.  They were not strict or anal and for that I thank them (I’ve gotten some mean security peeps in my time), especially since I got randomly checked for EVERYTHING!!!  Thank the Lordy for those x-ray scanners they have now… someone feeling me up – I don’t thank so!

To think that some people get “randomly” checked (aka stereotyped because of their ethnicity) all the time sucks big time – I got off easy with it happening only twice (yeah, got selected on the way back too)…

Moving on… the flight from Montreal to Toronto hardly seems like a flight at all (keep in mind I’m used to toughing out min 10 hour journeys to the other end of the world), something like 5o min.  I had a cranberry juice, some Chex mix, watched a documentary on Weird Al and voila we were already there!

I cabbed it to the hotel (The Metropolitan) in downtown Toronto and met up with the interns who had been hanging out there since 6am!  They ate at Frannie’s diner (to which they had stomach aches later…) and we were all pretty exhausted (I was SO excited the night before I slept only 2 hours)!

At the same time we got there and checked in, there were two dark SUV’s in front of the hotel with hoards of security guards.  I kept telling Matthew and Elle that “someone” was staying at the same hotel as us but nooooooooooo – to them it was just a Police conference.  Pfffffft!  I later found out that is was JUSTIN FREAKIN’ BIEBER!

I may have not completed the goal of hugging him like I wanted to but I can one up that in a very psycho/age inappropriate manner… I SLEPT UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS THE BIEB’S!!!

Yeah, that’s right… hate all you want tweens… I won this match…

So because there was some crazy corporate conference going down that weekend in the T dot (G10), many of the streets were completely blocked off and most of the hotels filled to the brim.  Our hotel room was not going to be ready until 3pm (at this point it was almost 11am) and we had to be at the pre-party to set up by 12:30… ummmmmm…. SAY WHAT?!?

The check-in clerk was amazing though and gave us keys to the fitness room (to which we COMPLETELY DOMINATED)… I’m telling ya, luggage everywhere, iPhone pumpin’ out the Drake beats in anticipation… we owned the place for the time we spent getting dolled up (poor Matthew ended up waiting at least an hour for our asses in the lounge).

I had a mini-meltdown (frustration gained from attempting to do one’s own hair nicely enough to be seen around celebs pro coifs), and before we knew it we were out and about on our way to the pre-party at Tryst nightclub!

We met with the beautiful and equally skilled Torontonian beauty bloggers (also pro makeup artists) and helped get the Annabelle booth into gear!  We were all super psyched to see who would end up being made over by the time the night was through… In the meantime I jetted to the Much Music building to pick up my press accreditation and witness the screaming hoards of Bieber fans (I felt right at home) :).

P.S. Who is the guy above?  He looks SO familiar but I can’t place a name to his face… I know he’s in a band, but someone else PLEASE tell me you remember him from a show or movie too?!?

Before we knew it, the pre-party was off to it’s start!  A very chill, very awesome atmosphere filled with some very cool people ;).  We were snappin’ up pics, meeting new friends (and boy o boy did my zipper dress allow for some awesome introductions), and toasting to the fact that we were all at an amazingly glam party!

Above, Elise Estrada (The Judge from Much Music’s Love Court) and crew!

These guys, Michou, were parading downtown on Queen’s Street allllll day long with hoards of yellow balloons!  I kept on bumping into them!!!  They were obviously having tons of fun 😉

A really exciting picture I presume?!

Outside’s entertainment was this awesome band with a killer electro-harp!  Insane!  If only you could hear it!  Between the drums and the strings these guys made some sick beats.

Meet my new best Torontonian friend!  Mr. Serge Kerbel approached me immediately recognizing my dress from the Denis Gagnon fall/winter 2010 collection (a fashion aficionado if I ever did see one) and instantly we hit it off!  Serge is the beauty and fashion director of Lush Magazine (one of the Field’s pre-party sponsors and also worked in Russia for Vogue and GQ – craziness) so this boy knows his stuff!

We talked blog lingo, downed some sparkling rose wine, dressed our burgers together and he even ended up giving us all a beautiful tour of Toronto’s finest the day after!  A seriously cool dude to which we owe a lot of our amazing experience to – Thank you Serge (gotta show you a good 514 time now)!

Yeah that’s right… we are both twitter ADDICTS!!!

Matthew pimps it up Montreal stylz… hehehehe…

Aren’t they just the cutest thangs ever!  Elle the mini egg roll (hehehehe… the new nicknames are officially in effect)!

Oh Karl Wolf, you are such a ladies man… so sweet, so nice and so very flirtatious!  We had fun making faces at the camera together and peace-signing it up!

Elle got up close and personal with Robby from the Stereos…

… and I got a few pics in with lead-singer Pat 😉

Of course we had to sport some crazy faces…

I must say, these guys I actually got to talk to and chill with for a bit and they are incredibly humble, easygoing and genuinely nice.  No ego, no attitude… just happy to be there and part of it all.  It was truly a pleasure!

And oh yeah, they are totally down with making puffer fish faces (winners in my book)!

Aaron left and Robby right (stay tuned for my press room post with some very romantic details as to why Rob just eloped – very sweet)!

It was very exciting to see the Annabelle makeup guru’s polish off the Stereos before their big performance on the MMVA’s red carpet… here Dan the DJ gets his makeup on!

Is it a conspiracy that musicians have to be hot?  Seriously… wtf?!?  Every member had it going on!

Pat gets concealed!

Remember Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars?!?  I sure as hell do, used to watch their videos all the time and anticipate the next time Robin and Ed the Sock would face off again on Much… it was SO nice to meet him and his gorgeous girlfriend briefly (we even bonded on sharing the same name… woohaaa)!

Then of course we sported our best shocked/rock star/confusion looks…

Would you look at who I bumped into waiting for Elle and Matthew on the corner?!?  The cast of Video on Trial and Love Court – I watch that shit ALLLLL the time, so it was freakin’ awesome to meet them by accident!

Actually, it was Andrew who was totally diggin’ my dress who stopped ME… what are the odds huh?!?

Stay tuned ladies and gents!  More MMVA excitement on the way!!!

And I promise to be back to updating more regularly (no more bad blogger)!

Loves yas!


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