Timecrafters Fair 2011 & Antiquity Art At The Met

Timecrafters Fair 2011 & Antiquity Art At The Met

Just got into Toronto this afternoon and have been enjoying some well spent time with my pops.  I’m downstairs in the hotel lobby plugged into my tacky-ass 80’s playlist, learning to abandon every minuscule thing that is bothering me at the moment.

Letting go is no easy task.

I’m learning through travelling by myself that I am a horribly awkward person when alone.  I get lonely and frazzled.  It seems that I have been taken too well care of for too long and have lost that iron core I once owned.  I feel like an emotionally dependant wreck of a girl.  Silly.  You can’t lean your paranoias and weaknesses on others – in my experience that’s when you get taken advantage of.  You can understand then, why I naturally gravitate towards self zen-medicating at times like these (Johnny Hates Jazz on loop).  I am not impressed with myself.  This will have to be something to work on.  Homework dished out by life.

The main reason why I went to New York was to attend a luxury watch fair by the name of Timecrafters.

Slowly but surely I am making my way onto New York PR agents lists when it comes to event invites and product launches.  The way I see it, New York and Toronto are the closest places outside of Montreal with the budget to keep my dreams rolling and funded (not to mention the source of some seriously international goodness) – so from this point forward I personally consider them my homes away from home.  In fact, I was thinking that when my schedule lets up a little, I am totally going to take a leap and rent an apartment on the upper west side for a month as a content/networking experiment.  Gotta look it over and prep the budget – but why the hell not right?  Of course Paris and Europe will be next up on my list right after…

… but back to Timecrafters!

Sixteen of the worlds most luxurious watch labels came together under the same roof (The Times Center) to not only display some of the historic beauties that made their reputation, but to launch new collections and place the makers behind these intricate tools face to face with the media and collectors that cherish them.  With price tags to make a girl gasp (and want to return to Montreal asap to get her ass back to werk), from Van Cleef Arpels to Bvlgari, Harry Winston and Cartier (to name only my four faves), the craftsmanship was mind blowing.  In many cases they were not mere watches – they were exotically functioning jewels representative of the female ideal who would wear them.

To view the complete jaw-dropping album of the photos I took while I was there, check out the facebook fanpage album I uploaded.

Right after I set off to soak in some beauty at the Met.  Originally lured in by the incredible McQueen exhibit, I stayed a bit longer and explored the ancient Persian and Indian ruins alongside the Asian dynasties.  More on the Savage Beauty exhibit tomorrow when I have a bit more time to really get in depth about my experience.

I couldn’t help but fall hard for the goddesses carved in stone, idolized. Proof that throughout the times the fascination with beauty and femininity have really never eased up – only transformed to different ideals and preferences.  The most beautiful part of being a woman in my books is the reactions you can create from an air of mystery.  The way some women have to power to make men weak in the knees with just a glance.  I am more or less a failure when it comes to the art of seduction… you have to have my mind and trust to ever see that side of me.  I’m learning (in very sheer lingerie).





My dream watch courtesy of Bvlgari.  Called “The Serpentine”, this wrapped up beauty is decked out in diamonds, sapphires and emeralds fit for a queen.  The finishing touch?  Flip up the snakes head to expose the face of the clock nonchalantly as you go about your day…

How long till you think I can afford this baby?






I was given two tickets to the Van Cleef Arpels exhibit going on at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (the complete history of the brand in depth), and think I’ll be keeping them for another near-future NYC getaway…



Till demain,


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